Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Being a business woman in San Antonio is not the easiest job as many of our Reinas of the Rise can attest. It takes resilience, perseverance, understanding diversity and cultures, etc…In other words, it takes ganas. Though it is not the easiest job, our Reina Christian Reed-Ogba of EHCÜ Public Relations (a full service PR firm) makes it look absolutely flawless. Working on anything from communication strategy to corporate event planning, economic development strategy, Reed-Ogba is assisting small businesses throughout the city, as well as schools, and even social justice organizations, by helping these diverse groups create digital spaces. Wow.

And just how does she do it?! “I’m from Detroit,” Reed-Ogba explains, “and Detroit women, we come with everything Detroit offers, right? We got the grit. I am a Hustler at heart. I enjoy problem solving. That’s what being a Hustler taught me…” In other words, Chingona vibes, and making Jefa moves. And can we give a shoutout to all the hardworking Detroit women in the house, please?! We see you. Furthermore, or Reina’s long-term goal is to continue to give marginalized people a voice, as well as welcoming new and different opportunities for small business, thus creating a bigger menor pipeline for marginalized businesses within the city and maybe even further out.

Speaking of the business world, code-switching amongst Black and Brown communities tends to be commonplace, especially in the work environment. We’ve had to “learn” to speak in a way which is deemed “acceptable” by societal standards. However, now may be the time for change. Reed-Ogba acknowledges the use of code-switching within the business environment sharing her experience,“I’ve had a lot of different looks, and I’ve talked a lot of different ways if you know what I mean. I found when I’m my 100% self…my ‘I’m from Detraoit, I went to Michigan, I moved to Texas’…people receive me way better, and way easier.” Hence, being your authentic beautiful self is a refreshing shining light.

Our Reina allows these last words to soak into the souls of women of color, into the souls of young girls of color, “It’s your world. It is your world, girl…take it. Take the world over. Do what you gotta do to take it over. Speak up. Speak out. Speak loud. Speak often. And it’s your world.” Learn from that hustle, mamas. Be Chingona. And as always, Rise, Reinas. Rise.