The last few years have been tough when it comes to making resolutions. Some of us are just happy to be alive. As the year’s end closes in on us, we tend to look to the future with a new hope and renewed strength to accomplish our resolutions. What are your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions? What are you thankful for? Is it a healthier you? A happier you? Is it just building on what you already have? Is it providing food or time to talk to family and friends to help alleviate burdens together rather than trying to do it on their own? Let’s talk about it…

Jenny Miller: “New Year’s resolutions are impossible to keep.”

Charlotte Char Taylor: “I don’t do New Year’s resolutions! That being said- What I will always do is try to be a better person each day. Try to show more love each day. Try to encourage one more person each day. Help my family and friends as much as I can each day. Help a stranger in need, without needing to get “likes” for doing so. I’m not trying to match anyone’s energy-bad or good. Never have. Trying to match someone’s energy is giving their action power over your feelings. Nah- I’m sending out my own positive energy- to everyone. Take it or leave it. It’s available. I’m enjoying watching my womb fruits flourish in their happy places. Watching my gorgeous grand babies grow up! Oh yeah, they are all gorgeous! God has been so good to me. I’m in a good place. I’m vibing. In my own zone. Having fun. Enjoying special friends. Resort hopping. All that!! 2023 Travels on deck!Y’all- I’m focused on preparing a legacy and financial foundation for my lineage. That being said. The only energy I’m matching is the energy God sends to me- to keep pushing – He blessed me immeasurably In 2022. 2023 Excites me! Let’s all strive to be Great in 2023.”

Francisco Ramirez: “Most importantly, I want to take care of my health. I’ve been neglecting it for too many years.”

Paul Nimnicht: “Thankful for my friends, family in my life, good health and being employed. All with the help of the good Lord up above.. Overwhelmingly thankful. Amen.”

Melody Mike: “I don’t make resolutions. But those topics you mentioned are something to strive for every day, no need to make a resolution about it. It should be something ingrained. My thoughts are if you help another whether family or not, it builds that happiness that one should aspire for. It builds a foundation in oneself. Health? My liver might have some thoughts on that subject.”

Stefani Shamloo: “I haven’t made resolutions in years. I just strive to do better with a grateful and thankful heart always.”


Felizamin Fresnosa: “There is no other resolution but to keep God within our hearts and look forward to that ETERNITY with Him.”

Jen Smythe: “I’m not making a resolution this year. It would be to lose weight in a healthy way, but I am having huge motivation problems and low will power. My hope is to create an area in front of my south window to grow greens inside from seeds soon.”

Jordan Dyer: “To be healthy… To improve my physical appearance, to get my life in order…to be happy.”

Tommy Barnes: “Get my abs back!”

Mlm Guru: “My New Year’s Resolutions are- I hope to become a great person, someone people would willingly pay attention to. I want people to see that I am a trustworthy and wise person who is leading an exemplary life,then they would want to know what I do and listen to what I have to say. I wouldn’t need to impose my will on others, and wouldn’t be offended even if people do not agree with me.”

Ferns Rhi: “My New Year Resolutions- Start a meditation practice. Learn something new each day. Pick up a hobby. Play more. Eat fewer calories. Set aside One-Hour-A-Day to achieve my dreams. Spend more time with nature. Enjoy the little things in life.”

Rajesh Kumar Sapra: “My new year’s resolutions are – “Exercise more. Lose weight. Get organized. Learn a new skill or hobby. Live life to the fullest. Save more money / spend less money. Quit smoking. Spend more time with family and friends. Travel more. Read more.”

Clifford Fernandes: “Strike a Better Work-Life Balance; I’ll disconnect from the bustle of everyday work life to relax and plan activities with friends and family. Stay more Organized; I’ll get rid of old notes on my desk and clear out my computer desktop. Stop caring about what others think by building self-confidence; using practices like daily affirmations. Manage Time Well by maximizing my productivity within specific blocks of time. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes like resolving to eat something healthy every day.”

Ãbu Sáddám Molla: “For this new year my new year resolution will be-
1. Control my anger :- At times I lose my temper and it harms the closest persons in my life so I’ll control my anger in a proper way, and join a meditation class which makes my mind peaceful.
2. Get a job: As this is the last year of my graduation, I’ll prepare myself for the competitive world and secure myself a good job and make my parents proud that now their son is finally overcome their expectations
3. A HOLIDAY PLAN FOR MY PARENTS: My parents are getting older. It will be the best idea to plan a holiday trip for them from my very first salary from the new job.
4. FIND MY INNER SELF:As I’m getting busier day by day, it’s really hard to get the peace of mind, so I’ll join a meditation class and listen to inspirational speeches
5. Make myself fit: I’ll lose some weight this year and do some regular exercises to make my body flexible and light and have physical fitness.
6. Do some charity: After getting my first job, I’ll donate 10 % of my salary to the needy.
7. Enhance my hoppy: I’ve always loved to play the guitar, I’ve learned the initials but can’t move further because of my busy schedule, but this year I’ll spare some time and enhance my guitar skills.
8. Make the love of my life happy: I have a very special person in my life but I’ve realized that I’ve never done something special for her so this year I’ll pamper her and make her feel like she’s my world.

9. Visit orphanages and old age homes once in a month: These people really need us for their support and make them feel that they are not alone. I do visit orphanages and old age homes but not regularly. This year, I will.
10. Enjoy; I’ll love myself for who I’m and will enjoy every moment of my life as it comes. I’ll give and have happiness all the time.”

Kumudben Modhia: “My New year resolution is “To lead a healthy and active lifestyle”. This can be achieved through a balanced diet, weekly 150 mins of moderate-intensity exercises, maintaining a calm mind and a cheerful deposition. Importantly, I would like to take care of the health of the people around me.”

Sunita M: “Learn to only focus on controlling the things I can control. Too often we stress about things we really can’t control, and it just makes us put unnecessary worry and pressure on ourselves.”

Pathak Ramanand Vijay: “Learn to control my emotions: Uncontrolled anger can get you into a lot of trouble, but things like jealousy and pride are destructive in all circumstances. Gaining control over your feelings allows you to keep a level head and think more rationally, even during emotionally charged conflict situations.”

Fayeriane Barrera: “I promise myself to make time for my own self care. As a Mom, I spend so much time focusing on my kids that I often neglect myself. Then when I have time for ourselves, I feel so guilty! Taking care of my needs is vital so that I can be a better mom. A well rested Mom is a happy Mom. And a happy Mom is a great Mom. Last year, I was the mom who had “be a better mother” as one of my New Year’s resolutions. My goals were saddled with plans to go on weekly play dates, take my kids on adventures, and help them meet their milestones. So maybe it’s no surprise that last year was also one of the most physically and mentally draining ones to date. I was taking on more than I could handle and I didn’t know how to stop. I knew I couldn’t do that any more, so I decided that the only New Year’s resolution I would have this year is to take care of myself too. For me, it starts by accepting that it’s not possible to “do it all” every day and maintain my mental health and well-being. When I finally accepted that, putting myself first became more of a tangible New Year’s resolution.”