Before 9/11, I believed that the United States was untouchable. That day my security was taken. I couldn’t believe that it was really happening. That day we became vulnerable to the world. So many lives lost and so many things changed. How did your world change after 9/11? Let’s talk about it and let’s never forget…

Carmen Madariaga, It felt like the beginning of the end. The harsh reality of our homeland being as vulnerable as any where else in this perilous world the perspective of material pursuit suddenly overshadowed by the absolute need of being spiritually prepared in a world gone so wrong..! Prayers for the families, and the souls of all the fallen, as everlasting great respect for all the responders.

Kelly Narvaez 9/11 I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I were in St Louis watching the American Express Golf Championship following Tiger Woods. All of a sudden his caddy whispered something to him and he had a shocked look on his face and they both ran to the clubhouse, then everyone started checking their phones and followed suit. Here we are in the clubhouse pros and citizens as one watching the horror unfold on the big screen. Seeing that 2nd plane hit punched a hole in everyone’s hearts that day. As tragic as that day was I felt proud to be an American as I know it would only bring us together and make us stronger. It did for a short while, now I feel our country is more divided than ever

Paul Crow Castillo I couldn’t believe that the Muslim terrorists had destroyed NEW YORKS’ iconic Twin Towers in our own country and that America did not declare war on the Muslim countries responsible for that cowardly attack, when Japan attacked our naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7th, 1941, President Roosevelt went before Congress the very next day December 8th and declared war on the Empire of Japan,, when the war was in danger of escalating for more years and costing thousands upon thousands of more American lives, President Truman ordered dropping the atomic bomb on Japan on two major cities and ended the war, what happened to our will to win the war against terrorism by the Muslim world…America didn’t want to bomb those countries harboring the terrorists and the fighting forces that were killing American soldiers because of the children and the elderly? America dropped 2 atomic bombs on the Japanese people and killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, children, elderly, sick, sick people in hospitals, everyone in the path of the atomic bomb !!!! why didn’t America do that to the Islamic people and end the terrorism from those countries that so easily came over to America and murder so many people, not only that but, it took America 10 years to catch and kill the leader that was responsible for that attack on America. and now America is no longer safe from any country that wants to attack it from anywhere in the world, every country respected and feared America,,, now we are the target for a take-over from any country who thinks we are a pushover to conquer us. Will our people fight for America and our free way of life?

Henry Shamdas I was at work remembering when i heard the first plane hit and thought it was a pilot error didn’t know it was a commercial plane. Then the second hit and we were under attack we didn’t know who was next and we didn’t know why. I remember my New York co-workers on LIC building being told to leave LI and report back to the SA office for accountability and people were missing. I went home and waited and remember my son yet to be born coming into a world full of evil

Regina Deseri Gonzales, I was asleep and living in California so three-hour time difference earlier than NYC…I woke up to the rhetoric on the radio, turned on the news and could not pull myself away from the TV for HOURS…I cried and felt so afraid. It almost seemed unreal…

Jazmin D Zuñiga I was in Mexico when I was woken up by my cousin yelling that The US was being Attack… I sat on the Bed Watching in Horror & Shocked, I couldn’t speak & when I finally was able to Say anything it was OMG OMG OMG, I sat there unable to move for a while watching people run for their life’s & when The buildings collapse I broke down & Cried… I was in N.Y a couple of years back & visited the site & it just seems that Everyone wanted a Picture next to the monument, a Piece Of History that Changed Everyone’s Life & View of the U.S.A
(When The Border Opened I drove Back that Night & Called All The People I hadn’t Talked to in a While, I Felt I needed to Make Peace With Everyone)

Belinda Rodriguez, I was in my living room. Now I Feel unsafe so much has changed life itself since that day of 911, now one needs to show more documents to prove that I am who I am. There is no more trust people have changed for the worse instead of reuniting and giving to help one another Like it used to be and NOW there are so much hate and no RESPECT like if we ourselves have no more trust in anything anymore it saddens me. There are more human beings turning against one another it all changed since 911