The Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade faced a significant challenge with the 2022 decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The Court’s decision in Dobbs has altered the legal framework established by Roe v. Wade. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in an interview “abortion should be out of the hands of the government and in the hands of women.” Do you agree? Let’s talk about it…

Gregorio De La Paz: “The government should not be involved in any medical decisions that you make for yourself or your family.”

Bob Schneider: “Evil is done gleefully by those doing it in the name of God. Truth. Religious extremism has cost millions of lives throughout history, and it continues to this day.”

Jeanne Spellman: “Women who have not had GYN problems don’t realize that abortion is also healthcare. They are vulnerable to the religious arguments they have heard since childhood.”

Ginny Terry: “There are a fair lot of women who think that abortion should be outlawed. This I do not understand.”

Jeff Flanagan: “Of course. These laws are being passed by extremists who have gotten involved in an authoritarian version of Christianity that does not teach kindness. They mean to strip women of the basic right to control their own bodies. Most Americans are sane people, and will reject this madness.”

James Mitchell: “I believe it is simply an end run around Roe v. Wade using the later decision in 1992 of Planned Parenthood v. Casey. The later decision left it up to the states to determine regulations around abortions.The ultimate goal is to eliminate legal abortion. The sponsors of these laws are not coy about stating it as such. This is simply moving the ball closer to the goal, testing to see how far they can move in that direction and still have it be declared constitutional by the new, more conservative Supreme Court.”

Shaun Mootoo: “Everyone has to make their own decisions, but it plays into the hands of Red states. It’s all about control. The GOP’s draconian ‘pro-life’ laws have nothing to do with babies, or life, or religion, or anything like that. They’re meant to do FOUR things: 1. Keep Black/Brown people poor, and churning out cheap labor and desperate customers, spending their last pennies on basic survival (conservatives will only be happy when the underclass can’t sip a half-mouthful of semi-potable water, or breathe a half-lungful of fetid air, without them making a profit). 2. Jail Black/Brown women for seeking abortions, or even contraception; America’s perfected jailing Black/Brown MEN… they’re fucking GREAT at THAT, but Black WOMEN have shown themselves to be the backbone of the Democratic Party… sticking by them through thick & thin, and organizing TF out of them (thank you, Stacey Abrams!); THAT has to be stopped, dead in its tracks! 3. drive away educated White people of breeding age. They tend to know their rights, and fight for them, and tend also to vote Blue. If they can be driven from Purple states, it prevents them turning Blue, and could even turn them Red, again; the Texas GOP stated that, once Texas goes Blue, the GOP will NEVER elect another POTUS, or hold sway in Congress… They mean to see that never happens on THEIR watch. 4. Populate their privatized for-profit prisons, which perpetuates antebellum slavery. The companies running them have been known to demand MORE incarcerations, even bribing judges to see that this happens, so that they can get paid more, by the governments that have outsourced this basic function of the state. It also provides them with additional forced labor, working for pennies on the dollar, in a number of industries, from manufacturing, to phone-banking. And – wouldn’t you KNOW it – ex-cons often have their voting rights permanently removed… Through their rabid, anti-abortion laws, the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Education, and their draconian immigration/refugee policies, they mean to keep Black/Brown people – men AND now women – from organizing and voting. Voter-suppression, voter-intimidation, Gerrymandering, and theEC, will do the rest. They’re pieces of shit, masquerading as human beings, and the sooner they’re pulled down from their positions of power, in government, finance, business, and religion, the better.”

Charles Edward Rodriguez: “I agree. No man should ever have dominion over women ever.”

Belinda Mayen-Aldana: “Agreed.”

Kenneth Raymond: “I don’t agree, where are the rights of the unborn child that has a heart beat and a soul? It’s not the unborn baby’s fault that women made a mistake and had unprotected sex or weren’t on birth control!! And not just my opinion, but it’s considered murder in the eyes of God! Women need to take responsibility for their actions and not get bailed out by killing an innocent baby! There are adoption options! And that’s exactly what it is no matter whose rights are being abused. And it has nothing to do with dominion over a woman’s rights! When you say her body, well the unborn has a body also. Does it get a choice to live or not? It is a living human being! And to say a woman has the right to kill is insane! Not me but God will judge those who do or participate in killing the innocent child!! I don’t care if they want to kill their own precious child but don’t use my tax paying money for a woman’s mistake! She made the mistake so she can pay for it! I said what I had to say whether you believe it hurts God when people need to justify killing a poor innocent child, and is a living being when it has a heart it has a soul! We’ve normalized killing unborn babies with no consequences because that person made a mistake and we cater to their emotions just like a spoiled brat. Can you imagine the child you have now or yourself if your mom decided to abort you! We need to stop for a moment and think about it. Are you ready to actually kill your own child! That’s what a person is doing when they decide to have an abortion!!”

Rob Gonzales: “That’s the only smart thing that idiot has said.”

Darwin Walker: “I agree.”