In the vibrant culinary landscape of San Antonio, Texas, a restaurant emerged in 1981 that would forever change the city’s dining scene. La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar, founded by Jorge Cortez, introduced a sizzling sensation to local taste buds – the famous Sizazling Fajitas. Inspired by his travels through Mexico, Jorge sought to bring a unique and different cuisine to San Antonio, and his creation would soon become a beloved regional specialty.
Jorge Cortez embarked on a culinary journey through Mexico, exploring vibrant cities like Monterrey, Laredo, and Guadalajara. In his quest for distinctive flavors, he stumbled upon a regional gem, a dish once reserved for vaqueros, butchers, and their families. It
was the sizzling skirt steak served on cast-iron plates that caught Jorge’s attention, and he immediately recognized its potential for popularity among the locals in San Antonio.
Initially met with skepticism, Jorge’s idea to introduce the sizzling skirt steak as a mainstay dish was met with caution. However, undeterred by doubt, he took a leap of faith and decided to incorporate this unique creation into the family business. Pedro,

Jorge’s father, was not only supportive but extremely proud to see his sons taking the initiative and expanding the family’s culinary legacy.
In 1981, La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar was born, offering an innovative menu
that included the now-famous Sizzling Fajitas and an array of delectable seafood options. The combination of sizzling skirt steak, seasoned to perfection, and an aromatic medley of sautéed peppers and onions created a sensory experience like no other.
The introduction of Sizzling Fajitas at La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar sparked a culinary revolution in San Antonio. Diners were captivated by the sizzle and aroma that filled the air as the cast-iron plates arrived at their tables. The tender and succulent skirt steak, coupled with the vibrant flavors of charred vegetables, created a harmonious blend that delighted taste buds.Word quickly spread throughout the city, and locals and tourists alike flocked to La Margarita to experience the sizzling sensation firsthand. The dish became an instant hit, winning hearts and stomachs, and firmly establishing La Margarita as a destination for unforgettable dining experiences.
The success of La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar paved the way for further culinary endeavors by the Cortez family. Building upon the popularity of the Sizzling Fajitas, they continued to innovate and expand their offerings, including a diverse selection of seafood dishes that showcased the coastal influences of Mexican cuisine.
Today, La Margarita remains a cherished landmark in San Antonio’s culinary landscape,
embodying the passion and dedication of the Cortez family. The restaurant has become
an integral part of the city’s heritage, not only for its signature Sizzling Fajitas but also for its warm hospitality and commitment to preserving the essence of Mexican cuisine.
La Margarita Restaurant & Oyster Bar’s creation of the Sizzling Fajitas has left an indelible mark on San Antonio’s culinary scene. Jorge Cortez’s vision and his exploration of Mexico’s diverse flavors led to the birth of a culinary sensation that continues to captivate diners to this day. The restaurant’s commitment to innovation and preserving the legacy of Mexican cuisine has solidified its place as a beloved institution in the hearts and stomachs of locals and visitors alike.