A fired San Antonio police officer caught on body-worn camera repeatedly punching a handcuffed pregnant woman is now working for the Elmendorf Police Department. Do you think this officer should be allowed to work for any police department ever? Let’s talk about it…

Thomas Mc: “Hence the need for police reform, their unions allow them to get away with anything.”

Cano Garza: “Nope, just like we are not allowed to, we can’t work for them because of our background. “

Deborah Bond: “No, she should never be allowed to have people’s lives in her hands again in any way.”

Alyssa Araujo: “I saw this last month about her, this wasn’t her first time being reported!”

Jeff Romero: “I saw her at the Tex Best off 181 and 1604. Wow, guess Elmendorf TX will hire any rejects out there.”

Amelia Hamilton: “She has a history of physical violence against the community and a disregard for rules by turning off her body cam. She should not be in law enforcement.”

Alyssa-Aly Cedillo: “This happens all the time. At what point do we come to our senses and admit that the police department needs a complete overhaul?! You can’t continue to police the community with a program that was rotten to begin with. The community and officers deserve better.”

Flavia Flower Aguilar: “A bad apple is still a bad apple no matter where it goes. I understand her right to employment but not as a cop or anything near it.”

Carolina Esparza: “Yep, all these little towns hire the unwanted SAPD and Bexar county abusive officers.”

Anthony De La Garza: “New place, but her attitude won’t change. She should have never been allowed to carry a badge ever again.”

Melissa Da Lioness: “Yikes, that don’t sound good. I live in Elmendorf,Tx. Hopefully she walks a straight line here in Elmendorf…It’s her second chance to change for the better and to do right.”

Michelle Lee Stanush: “She should not be permitted to work ANY job that has to do with protecting people. That includes directing traffic.”

Eddie Castillo: “That other cop that just stood by and watched should be charged as well.”

Jennifer Heath: “So she was only fired for assaulting a pregnant woman and not arrested and charged?!? I guess since she was a police officer when it happened then she was above the law? The worst part, now she’s once again a police officer in a small town where she will be able to get away with even more.”

Jeanette Marie: “The person in charge over there is the one whose son nearly killed that guy. He beat him up naked. I guess he doesn’t mind abusive people. ”

Edward Starr: “I’m sure there is way way more to that story. Not advocating for how she handled a certain situation but no cops just gonna punch a pregnant woman for no reason tell the WHOLE story unless you’re trying to influence people’s view.”

Rodney R. Greenwood: “Why was she not arrested for assault? Why are public servants not held accountable when they cross the line? Honestly, rogue police like this should be considered a criminal and treated as such when they decide to operate outside the badge of law.”

Pio Doce Pacelli: “Someone hired her! That’s why I do NOT embrace the all Blue Lives Matter mentality. Too many crooked blues.”

Valree Menefee: “They should be treated like people who are labeled by their pedophilia it follows you wherever you go to keep from being rehire.”

Clarissa Thomas: “SMH!! They need to criminally charge her, and put that on her record like they would if it were anyone else! She doesn’t get a pass because she has a badge!!! And it’s a pattern for her! She’s done this a few times that the Department is aware of! I’m sure there’s more that’s not broadcasted and is covered up”

David Orozco: “She only defended herself. Pregnant women obviously don’t care about their baby. She is doing drugs and resisting arrest, attacking officers. Officers are human too; they can only take so much. They often get spit on, kicked and verbally insulted by criminals resisting arrest. It’s normal for them to defend themselves; they are human, not robots. Stop acting a fool and you won’t get punched.”

Aaron Fisher: “Good luck Elmendorf. But I’m sure she will repeat her crime. Then, get fired again. And once again, nothing will happen to her.”

Alex Diane Rubio: “Elmendorf is also the problem. They should have done a background check for mistakes in this person’s past. The city council has to be made aware of this to have bad public servants removed from service. Or maybe they are also the problem.”