Before pharmaceutical companies, we had herbal remedies like Belladonna plant soaked in alcohol for insect bites, Vicks on your feet for a cough, rubbing an egg for a spiritual cleansing. Much research on the healing rituals and herbal medicines of Native Americans has not been performed because the technology to test whether or not the procedures work is not yet available. What do you think? Do you use any remedies your mom, grandma or great grandma used to make you feel better? Please share. Let’s talk about it..

Irene V. Zertuche:
Yes, still have my mom doing the egg on us.

Carmen Madariaga:
Absolutely! Very low cost, almost never any negative side effects, great results encourage me to learn all I can about what the Creator provided upon the earth for our wellness. I grow a lot of aloe vera, and am beginning to cultivate other healing herbs and roots! Tumeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It even fights cancer cells. Cream of tartar aids on headaches. Manzanilla tea is great for relaxing to sleep, as is green tea. And, VICKS is good for bites, itches, nail fungus, calluses, pimples, coughs and colds. Pineapple juice with honey for coughs, and Cranberry for UT infections..the list goes on and on ! Natural remedies are, and should be a saving grace in view of the exorbitant cost as well as danger of so many pharmaceuticals. Above all PRAYER IN FAITH! LORD JESUS STILL HEALS and MIRACLES still happen to those who believe!

Armando Cantu:
Less than half of the time I use remedies. I just take a pill or two.

Tiffany Campbell:
White willow bark for headaches and of course Echinacea tea when a cold is coming on…

Amanda Cena:
Prayer and marijuana….not at the same time. But I do both and of course teas, fruits, herbs.

Jeff Hull:
Don’t forget the weed in the green alcohol for muscle pain or at least that’s what my grandparents did. Lol!

Jazmin D Zuñiga:
Always! before I take a pill, I try home remedies, Arnica for injuries helps with pain, bruising & swelling, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, lemon, honey, tea tree oil, aloe vera, apple cider, an egg, herb teas, tiger balm for headaches & Vicks for everything. Pharmaceutical is just a business that controls the government, not the other way around.

Tammy Polk Herrera:
Baking soda/water paste for insect bites.

Blue Rose Alvarez:
A paste made with water and meat tenderizer is used to soothe bee stings.When I was 10 years old, I cut a huge gash on the bottom of my foot. I was not rushed to the doctor or ER Our neighbors ran around grabbing spiderwebs and covered my cut with them. They placed gauzes over the webs and bandaged my foot. No doctor, no ER, no stitches. In a week I was running around barefoot again. Lol, even now I hate wearing shoes!I learned in an anatomy course that platelets do exactly what the spiderwebs did, form a net and trap red blood cells to stop bleeding. Those old wives really knew their stuff!

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
Two years ago I had horrible allergies. I got my ears candled. It was amazing. I swear by peppermint for headaches and pineapple juice for mucus coughs. Vicks on your feet, ginger for upset stomachs. Cayenne pepper too. It also kills bad germs.

Belinda Rodriguez:
Yes I use all natural remedies that I can remember that my grandmother showed me from the egg to teas, for example a paper cone placed in ear to relief pain for ear aches.