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Working-Class Businessman Enters Race as a Write-in Candidate as an Alternative to Trump

Los Angeles, CA  —  The Executive Director of Republicans for Integrity in Government, Greg Walton, has announced his candidacy for the office of President of the United States.  The working-class executive is running on a platform of uniting the country by returning control of government and the economy to the working-class American people.

“Over the past 40 years, the wealthy donors and corporate executives have taken control of both the people’s government and our economy, such that the working-class has stagnated while the wealthy thrive.  It is now a tale of two economies — one that feeds the wealthy and one where working-class people continue to decline”, said Walton.  “The laws and regulations have been so skewed in favor of the rich and the corporations that the economy has become a transfer of wealth from working-class people to the rich, causing inequality to accelerate beyond reason.  The Trump administration is the latest iteration of this, and the past three years has been a cash-grab for the rich, with one corruption and scandal after another, all leading to an authoritative plutocracy.  Enough is enough.  Donald Trump has been the worst “president” of our lifetime, and certainly the most corrupt in recent history.  We have now wasted four more years of our lives under this administration, and we are worse off today than we were four years ago.  The futures of our younger generations are getting bleaker by the day, as is our eroding American Exceptionalism.  And the divisions purposely caused by this “president”, his corrupt pseudo-Republican enablers in Congress, and the false propaganda of misinformation coming from Fox News could lead us into another civil war if it continues”.

Greg has been the Executive Director of Republicans for Integrity in Government (RIG), a political education organization that exposes corruption in government and in the Republican Party, and lobbies for change.  Out of control government spending and the exploding national debt, the corruptions of the manipulated economy, the “free trade” agreements and “globalization” that have eroded the power and the livelihood of the working-class,  and government serving the rich corporate masters instead of working-class Americans are issues Walton has been working to correct and reform.  Prior to RIG, Walton had a career as an executive with small-businesses and mid-cap corporations.

As Walton explained, “We were prepared to launch the campaign several months ago, but right as we pulled the trigger the country went into lockdown.  So now, just as people are trying to reopen the economy, it is time to go forward with the campaign.  However, the wealthy donors and my own Republican Party have made it expensive and difficult for Main Street USA candidates, independents, and alternative parties to launch viable campaigns and get on all of the ballots in the various states; we will get on the state ballots we can, but we will be largely relegated to campaigning for write-in votes.  Things have been rigged such that usually only the major party candidates backed by the elite rich donors can mount a successful campaign these days.  But maybe that is our problem; we keep electing these establishment guys that are backed by the rich donors, the very people we complain about that are buying our government and corrupting our democracy.  Maybe we should instead elect people from Main Street instead of Wall Street.”

More information can be found at  www.GregWaltonForPresident.com  and  www.RIGpac.org.


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