A viral video posted on Instagram showed a woman shouting “some Mexican lady” and “scumbag Mexicans” at her neighbors. Do you think that people should be called out for this type of behavior or do you think we should just ignore it? Let’s talk about it..

Thomas Mc: “I mean when I acted like an idiot when I was younger and got called out, the embarrassment and shame alone straightened my ass out and I never did it again. Bad behavior can’t just be allowed to happen.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Skin color doesn’t give you the right to use a racial slur.”

George Garcia: “What’s that old saying? Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Get over it overly sensitive people. Words only hurt you if you let them. Grow up and enjoy life.”

Evelyn Singleton Brown: “What happened to a peaceful conversation? Name calling gets you nowhere in solving the problem. All of this has to end. Learn to respect each other.”

Hector Rivera: “It’s crazy how we let people like this get away without consequence.”

Martin Casarez: “I am not surprised. Hispanic people are not fighters. We let everyone run over us. We are like doormats.”

Carlitos Way: “She was fired from her job so she did have consequences.”

Jose Garcia: “Yeah, she is probably a racist but when her house needs fixing, who is she gonna call? Scumbag Mexicans?”

Rosa Aguilar: “This is what social media does. It’s probably not true but they put it out there so people can argue with each other and if it is true, that lady must have mental problems.”

David Bautista “This is all Trum…. wait, wait, I mean, Biden’s fault. Yeah, he’s the one running the country now so it’s his fault.”

J.B. Garza “You don’t fight racism with racism. Even if you were right, never resort to it just because they did it first.”

Bert Salas: “She shouldn’t have lost her job.”

Norma L. Tabares: “But they love Mexican food, Mexican men and Mexican women.”

Silvia Sierra: “People get offended so easily now…so they called you a name? Get over it and move on. People just want to start an argument so they can record it and cry about it. Sheesh!”