Are you ready? It’s October and this is a scary time in San Antonio. Not because of Halloween … because the world is falling apart! Ok, I am being dramatic, or am I? This past year, we have seen devastating flooding from several Hurricanes. We have seen water rising faster than we have in over 100 years in certain areas. Hurricane Harvey put us in a crazy panic and San Antonio felt what a gas and bottled water shortage is like. If a natural disaster were to occur today, would you be prepared? Would you know what to do? Let’s talk about it…

Amanda Cena: “ I am nowhere near prepared…I think of it all the time. The only thing I have told my kids and grandson is if anything were to happen meet up at the school by my house. After that who knows…”

Robbie Willis: “And there was no gas or water shortage.”

Eliseo Moreno: “Normalcy is bias, People are too comfortable with there normal. It’s all inevitable and that’s certain. What is uncertain is when it will happen. Even though we may think nothing is going to happen, it’s good to be prepared

Henry Shamdas: “Gas can’t be stored properly in any home; but yes I’d be ready with my MREs and water plus plenty of guns and firepower.”

Santiago Tello : “Prepare emergency food kits. You can get them on line. The have long shelf life and can be used when needed.”

Just to be certain, I am not being over dramatic, how many of us received a Presidential alert on our cell phones a few weeks ago?