In a conversation recently, I mentioned how when I was in elementary school, I was a Mexican American. Somewhere along the way, I became “hispanic.” I am not sure when or why. I was told the reason we are no longer called Mexican American is because our government wanted us to forget our heritage and where we come from. I asked why. I was told because we are so strong when we unite. We are the sleeping giant. We have to stay asleep. Taking our identity would make sure of that. What term should be used: Hispanic, Chicana, Latino, or Latinx? What do you Identify as? Let’s talk about it
Frank Pancho San Miguel “Mexican American Chicano is what I relate to , Mexican descent American born, Chicano.”

Van Vasquez: “I am Chino Chicano.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: I’m Hispanic, I was born here, my parents were born here, my grandparents were born here and only one of my great grandparents was from Mexico. So I’m of Hispanic descent.”

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead: “I’m an American of Mexican descent which includes a variety of bloodlines. I call myself a Latina when I’m making a statement. Like: Latinas for Trump, etc…”

Delia A Guajardo: “I remember when I was freshly out of high school and applying for work. Employment applications became more and more confusing. They added “Other” later.”

Blue Rose Alvarez: “ There are 6 recognized races (White, Black/African-American, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander). We, of Hispanic ethnicity, are considered White. Many Mexican last names are of Spanish origin and maybe that’s why “they” have lumped all Latino Americans under that ethnicity. It would not be the first time the government did that to a culture (remember Vietnam?). I remember a time when Chicano Power represented a cultural uprising and people commented that “Chicano ” was a derogatory term used to describe a Mexican. What I learned was that the letter X was originally pronounced “ch” and in pre-Columbian times, natives in Mexico called themselves Meshicas and Shicanos. It was the Spaniards, who changed the pronunciation to Mexico and the Spanish Me-ji-co. I am white, with a Hispanic surname, and speak English sprinkled with Spanish.”

Anthony L. Green: “They say the same thing about us!! We are too strong when we unite and are working together!! We are not African Americans, we are just blacks now. I think it was by design!! If our cultures are divided we never know our true strength!! I believe that true strength scares many.”

Nadine Barry : “I prefer Latin because no one is pure Mexican or Mexican American. I have Spanish & Arab bloodlines myself. And Blue is correct in saying we are considered “white” as a race. Our ethnicity is Latin or Mexican or Cuban, etc.”

Monica Monica: “I call myself an American because I was born here. I know where I came from. I will never forget. I wasn’t born in Mexico. I was never told not to call myself a Mexican. Why have I never heard an Anglo call themselves that? They call themselves American. Educate them. No I’m not Mexican I am an American just like you! We were both born in this country.”

Noel Tello: “ When I was in the Navy, I traced Tello back to Spain and Italy.”

Robin S Tello: “ My mom found out from her DNA with ancestry that she is British and my dad is Mexican. I’m a British Mexican American.”