Being Latino is the best. I don’t know any other culture that shows affection the way we do. Old school us learned tough love when it was legal. We heard some of the harshest things and it was funny. We never got offended. I love being Mexican American. What is a popular saying you grew up hearing? Let’s talk about it…

Maryann Chapparo Lopez: “Come caca. When they don’t want to eat what I cook.”

Candy G Stewart: “Aye Dios mio”

Brandi Clemens: “Put some Vicks all over your body! It will make you feel better.”

Graciela Cruz: “Chingow madre when you stub your toe.”

Cpt Panda: “When trying to park, my dad would say “dale, el chingaso avisa.”

Susana Corral: “Me-Mom I have a cough/Mom-ponte Vicks.”

Natalia Zúñiga: “*smacking your lips* and saying AAAAHHHHHH apoco??”

Aaron Salinas: “Si dios quiere” my mom says it all the time.”
Robert Moya: “Let me rub the egg on you.”

Daniel Manrique: “ CHINGON, From the unique verb CHINGAR. That’s the most (go to any direction) slang word in (Mexican) Spanish. I will definitely wear a shirt that says: “AH CHINGA!”

Scott Richeson: “Chinga Tu Madre. I believe it means “remember to call your mother.”

Olga Jackson: “Pinche! My favorite!”

Abraham Israel VO: “El Huevón Trabaja Doble!”(The lazy work double); When you try to get shortcuts to do or make something…and it does not work at all, then you have to do it in the right, traditional and proven way.”

Leonard Geri Sotelo: “Got to love my culture!!!! “ get the broom “ and the egg. Remove all evil spirits!!”

Jerry Lumbreras: “No mames way.”

Danny Salazar: “We’re leaving right now “/Translation: “I just got out of the shower” “We’re halfway there” Translation: “We just left.”

Jose Villagomez:” “Con huevos,” we scream this at work everyday.”

Andrew Soto: “Keep acting that way and the Cucuy is going to get you.”

Adrian Rivera: “Aqui vengo llegando” when we are really just leaving our house.”

Deana M Osuna: “Chingasé! (Or maybe that’s just in my clan…thx grandma)”

Gene Lucero: “I’ll give you something to cry about.”

Brandie Dominguez: “Just drink 7 up you’ll be fine.”

Carlos Efrain Martinez “The bigger the pansa, the better the chansa.”

Bertha Gurrola: “Me- can I go to my friends./Mom- you have to clean first.”

Liz Mata: “See??!! This way you learn!”

Emilio del Rio: “That’s what you get, do it again!.”

Kathie Acuña-Huerta: “ “La tuya”. I say it when someone passes by and honks.”

Benji Ben-: “Toma Cabron.”

James Blowers:
“What happened?”

Rosanne Enriquez:
“Aye whey.”

Lucy Ortegon-Salgado:
“Para lo que tu vienes, yo ya fui y vine”.In other words “you think you’re smart, I have been there and done that.”

Steve De Yuma: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

Ausencio JR Roch: “Why are you crying?!”