The results are in…
The run for Governor is on. Beto against Abbott. Who do you want in office? Who do you think will win? Let’s talk about it:

Roger Reyna: “Neither of those jokers!”

Thomas Mc: “Lol great my choice is the loser in office or the guy who can’t win.”

Marlene Smith Meredith: “Abbott kept Texans working! Don’t forget that very important piece of information!”

Mimi Gregg: “Beto has more love for Texas and our kids than Abbott.”

Adam Slind: “I admire how often O’Rourke is campaigning, but he seems to be edging closer to being the Texas version of Dino Rossi.”

Kaye Linsley Lanham: “I am proud that Governor Abbott is campaigning in Texas. He is who I voted for again. He loves our Guys in Blue. He wants to fix the border fence so we won’t be getting so many people from other countries to come into the USA.”

Bob Tallon: “Labels kill, the media loves them. Politicians use them to divide. Beto unites folks through labels that negate false narratives and point toward synergies that unite. Both dems and republicans could benefit from this energy.”

Tammy Massey: “Beto is amazing. Yes, the power grid is a problem but right now women’s rights, transgender children, voting rights and so much more is in front of people’s minds.”

Mary C. Heller: “Congratulations to Beto, on his primary victory, and I hope his campaign will make good use of Rick Scott’s call to raise taxes on half of all Americans, and to legislate a 5-year sunset clause on entitlements, such as SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE.”

Matt Benefield: “You’ve been laying down on the job too long. Praying this is your last term.”

Shirley L. Baum: “Thanks Governor Abbot for continuing to work so hard to keep Texas the BEST state in which to worship, live, work, and raise a family!”

Rick Hartwick: “My local property taxing entities appreciate the windfall taxes they’ve extorted from homeowners. Way to go…. NOT!”

Benny Bryant Barrett Jr.: “Hello, I’m a young Texan trying to figure out who to vote for. I’ve heard bad things about this guy but he seems all right with me. I’m a minority female and I’m voting for Abbott. I use my common sense, research and cut through all the BS of the liberal party.”

Barbara Stephens: “Abbott is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s called a Fascist”

Belinda Wilson: “Abbott told us no mask mandates in Texas. Then did it anyway.”

Mike Lowell: “I’m Republican and don’t like this guy anymore. Time for a change.”

SuSie Jones Kinder: “Get ready to pack your Governor bags and move on down the road, Abbott.”

Anne Scott Lydahl: “Governor Abbott. Thanks for everything you do for Texans.”