Governor Greg Abbott made a stop in San Antonio on his Get Out The Vote campaign. There are some Texans who Abbott has lost over complaints that he is not doing enough to deliver on conservative values. There are some unhappy Republicans who are backing Abbott’s opponents in this primary… What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Roger Garza:
“Shut The Hell Up, you’re just trying to keep your job…”

Romelia Parvinchi:
“I’m for the wall but not guns for everyone.”

Grant Butler:
“Go sit down. No one wants to hear you propagate the libtard lies.”

Alfred Lopez:
“You will never stop them from coming to the US…there is too much money…hello. Vote blue.”

​​Bryanna Aguilar:
“Voting today! You’re out Abbott. ​​Make abortions legal again.”

​​Jessica Hernandez: “DON’T CALIFORNIA MY TEXAS with that cannabis BS!”

Alicia Robertson:
“Keep Texas red. May GOD bless our wonderful governor.”

Carol Lynn:
“They get a free wall on their property with taxpayers money. Duh.”

Niki Norman:
“We need more than jobs, we need opportunities for well-paying careers, not just low paying temp jobs.”

Sue Birkelbach Cart: “Keep up the great work for our Texas. So proud of you for being a MAN. There aren’t any in Washington.”

Maria T. Aguirre:
“Don’t vote for Him. We need someone new.”

Raymond Castoreno: “Get out and vote him out.”

Andy Avila: “Vote him out. Gerrymandering has to stop. Get ready for the bs this millionaire is gonna dish out. Ask how much he profited from last year’s bad weather. Also how many women’s rights he is violating by underhandly undermining the constitutional right to abortions. Hypocrite.”

Rosemary Smith;
“Abbot has done a
fantastic job for all Texans. He is saving our borders.”

Candice Kendrick: “Vote him all the way out do y’all research this man sue the state of Texas but no one else can sue the state of Texas. He’s a mess save y’all self.”