Beto O’Rourke is running for Governor. One reader wrote in and said it seems he doesn’t know what he wants to be; Senator, President, now Governor. Another reader said he is the best person to run because anyone is better than Greg Abott. What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Carmen Madariags: “Extremely too liberal for my liking! We need strong leaders. In my humble opinion, true strength must be moral above all, protect #LIFEISSACRED, with no compromise to the eroding of ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”

Candy Yvonne: “Why would anyone think he’s the best person to run!? He’s like Kamala. Knows nothing and does nothing but destruction.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “He’s not viable. He doesn’t do anything.”

Rob Gonzales: “I will take Matthew Mcconaughey over O’Rourke.”

Stefani Craig: “I would vote for a trash can over Abbott. Taking women’s autonomy rights away, gerrymandering….Anyone who believes he’s helping this state should also remember last February and know Abbott did absolutely nothing to ensure that doesn’t happen again. And Rick Perry said Texans would rather freeze than to be regulated like the rest of the country… so if you still vote for him and the GOP after that…then there’s just no excuse sad enough to make up for your stupidity.”

Jennifer Norris: “My whole family will be voting for Beto November 8th 2022!!!!”


James Cox: “Abbott has actually been a great governor.”

Sandra Wilson: “Campaign smart.. new move, new idea… Beto is running against Abbott.He’s got my vote. I want him to win!!!”

Joe Barron: “Abbott – No license to carry a gun. Women rights taken away can’t fix our electrical grid. No mask for kids .Should I go on? IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE . GO BETO GO !!”

Aldahir Fitzgerald Ambriz: “Wish I was Texan to vote for this guy! Been following him for years and he’s awesome, he deserves to be a governor!”

Mari Nunez: “Beto can bring Texas into at least the 20th century. Texas has so much potential to be a much more prosperous state but the suppressive way of thinking by Abbott and his cronies including Cancun Cruz are keeping us from our full potential.”

Cody Broker: “Gregg Abbot killed two of my neighbors.”

MariCarmen Robles: ”I can’t even begin to describe how excited and relieved my friends and family were to see that Beto is running! Thank you for always working for the people! We can do this, todos unidos.”

Joe Trejo: ”First of all your name is Robert, everyone knows you just use Beto to get the Hispanic vote. Second, you’ll never turn Texas blue. Take your California policies and shove it.”

Jon Augat: “Robert Francis, we’d vote for Pee Wee Herman before we’d vote for you!”

Lilia Belmares: “We need you for disabled people and student loans debt.”

Esmie Canales Cantu: “BETO FOR GOVERNOR”

Matt Gentry: “CNN and Robert Francis. Trying to figure out who has more credibility between these two jokes is the definition of being between a rock and a hard place.”

Javier Galvan: “Abbot is a good governor Beto is like Biden but whatever. My vote is for Abbott.”

Veronica Estrada: “Donating monthly to Beto’s campaign and definitely voting for Beto!! He’s our future for a better Texas . Always a big fan of Beto . He will deliver.”

Njoni Gutierrez: “Texas needs a change! Thank you for running for Governor Beto! You have my vote.”