COVID-19 booster shots are the same formulation as the current COVID-19 vaccines. However, in the case of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, it is half the dose of the vaccine people get for their initial series. Boosters are being recommended because data is showing that protection against mild and moderate COVID-19 via the vaccines is declining over time — particularly for those who were vaccinated some time ago. Have you or anyone you know had their booster? Where did you go for the booster? Did you have any side effects? Let’s talk about it…

Deborah Bond: “Got my Moderna through a walk in at my local HEB. Easy peasy. Not sore or anything.”

Elisabeth Thrasher: “I had the booster in October, no side effects at all. I had it done at Fort Sam because I work there.”

Gina Sandoval: “Wonderland Mall (Pfizer) Mon – Fri 9 to 6pm…Quick and no side effects for me.”

John Wiesen: “Had my booster and flu shot last week at Wilford Hall. No side effects other than a slightly sore arm.”

Jamie Lewis: “HEB appt. It was easier than the first two vaccines. I had some slight “under the weather” sluggishness.”

Dan Alvírez: “I got mine at University Health.”

Chris Garcia: “MARC building by UT Health, on Floyd Curl. Yes, day off – sore arm; next morning – sore arm, later in the afternoon – fatigue, body ache, body temp felt off, that came down with something but I felt better by the evening.”

Mary Pietrazek: “I went to Wonderland Mall. The side effects were a minimal version of what I had the first time but nothing too terrible.”

Andy Ternay: “Yes. I got mine at UT Southwestern in Dallas. The flu shot was much worse – minimal pain, no feeling unwell. I did Pfizer.”

Joseph Tanasi: “Got mine at CVS Pfizer booster but no side effects.”

Carlos Soto: “Central Market made an appointment over six weeks ago with no side effects.”
Anthony M. Flores: “Wonderland of the Americas! Walk-in! No side-effects. Pfizer”

Richard Garcia Jr.”CVS. No side effects.”

Deborah Gardiner:”CVS. No side effects.”

Linda Karamanian Maldonado: “HEB, Pfizer. No side effects.Made an appt and the next available was in 15 minutes..LOL So, I had to rush out the door!”

Terri Castillo: “CVS, Pfizer, no side effects for me.”

Xochil Rodriguez: “Moderna, my arm hurt for a day but that was it.”

Michael De Leon: “CVS and no side effects at all. I even got my flu shot at the same time.”

Richard Garcia Jr.: “I got my 2nd Shingles shot at the same time.”

David McGurrin: “I had a sore shoulder for two days, and that wasn’t even bad.”