By Yvette Tello

Before Texas was a U.S. state, it was its own independent nation where both Mexicans and white immigrants were citizens. But during the nine years that the Republic of Texas existed, Mexicans became outsiders as white settlers made it more difficult for them to vote and hold onto their land.
White settlers did this by targeting Mexicans with voting laws and taxes, suing for possession of their land and subjecting them to police violence. Eva Longoria: “I’m from a small town in South Texas and if you know your history Texas used to be part of Mexico. I am a 9th generation American. My family never crossed the border. The border crossed us. So when Donald Trump calls us criminals and rapists he is insulting American families. My father is not a criminal or a rapist. In fact, he is a United States veteran.” What do you think? Did the border cross us? Was this a part of the history that we were taught in your school? Is history repeating itself? Let’s talk about it…

Henry Shamdas: I don’t think it’s repeating itself per se. However history is written by the winners of wars. True history reflects that yes the border did cross them.

Mike Miller: Longoria is taking what trump said out of context. Did the border change, sure it did. He was not making reference to 9 generations ago. He was speaking of current time.Trump never said all these generalizations back. He is talking about ppl coming across today. He said drug and human trafficking. Ms13, etc. Ppl coming across are from as far away as Africa, asia, and south america. He never said just walk across. Everyone agrees, come the right way. At a port of entry and apply like everyone else. Remember, he didnt start this. He has been following the law.

Noel Tello: I totally agree with you. Trump did not make a generalization of all Latin people. His reference is for the drug cartels and gang members infiltrating today.

Marti Salazar: “ Trump means what he says. When he sees us, he sees what he wants to see. Not any of my relatives from the Four Star General, the former Secretary of Education, Confederate soldiers, to construction workers of railroads and the lighthouse in Port Isabel, Texas; none of those. Just what he wants to say we are in order to manipulate and get votes from “fine people.” Last week, he asked his followers at a rally something like, “do you love the USA or Hispanics?” Okay, you think that’s not a generalization? He means us, too. He wants us all out. His followers were given a choice. Hmmm, Daddy Trump. We love the USA. It can’t be both, Murdering, burning houses down, false accusations, “repatriation.” My relatives were drawn and quartered in front of their mothers. Then, their houses would be burned down. A 16 year old aunt of mine was kidnapped and burned alive. All of this torture was meant to frighten Spanish speaking citizens into relinquishing their homes and moving away. An uncle of mine and his family moved to Mexico. No one in our family had any ties to Mexico. They just left their ranch and went to a country where they didn’t know anyone.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Trump called gang members rapists. – not all Mexicans Context. Look at the whole quote not just what makes your story look good.Also Mexico lost the war. That’s what happens when there are winners and losers. Losers get the shaft. Winners get the spoils of victory. There are no participation trophies in war.”

Candace Price: “ Do you feel the same anger with Obama? His deportation numbers were higher than any other President. Do you think the next Democrat in office won’t lie and deport more? They’re not for us or anyone at all. They’re globalists- idea population should be 500,000. Go back to what Ocasio said; she’s just admitting the the globalist plan. But that’s not what people are zoning into. Just hate and being hypnotized by media and Hollywood.

Study new world order ideology and who really is involved. God himself warns about this. The Trumpet of God has sounded and y’all can’t even hear it spelled out. End of days, what is good is bad and bad is considered good. Come even so Jesus. Everything is triggered by jubilee and double jubilee. God is speaking very loud.”

Sally Ann Larios Herrera: “So many stories like this one, we are proud Americans of proud Mexican heritage”

Richard Perez: “Every family has a history of violence and wrong doing if you go back far enough. Hell my family was kicked out of three countries within 6 generations. I’m sure they thought they were good people. The simple truth is this; we should look to the past to not repeat it, however we don’t look to the future through the eyes of the past as you will never see the road ahead. If you are determined to see racism and evil in the world, that is all you will ever see. I chose to see the good in people.”

Danny Rodriguez: “ It makes no difference . If you are illegal or legal, you must respect the President. If not, not leave this country to go live in a country that is filled with corruption.