By Dr. Ricardo Romo

Ricky Armendariz, art professor at UTSA and a recognized artist of U.S.-Mexico Borderlands images, is known for his exquisite art carvings on wood in addition to woodblock prints. 

Ricky Armendariz: Wood carving—portrayal of Luis Jimenez

Armendariz grew up in El Paso and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

At his first San Antonio exhibits, “Confessions of a Singin’ Vaquero” at Blue Star Contemporary Gallery in 2006 and “Lonesome Highways Are the Only Kind I Seem to Travel” at REM Gallery, Armendariz introduced his preference for text-based imagery. 

Since his Blue Star exhibit of 2006, Armendariz has exhibited in Valdivia, Chile; Cuernavaca, Mexico; Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil; Bogota, Columbia; Behehem, Palestine; Oaxaca, Mexico; Beijing, China; and Guatemala City, Guatemala.