By Yvette Tello

Last year, my brother Edward was in a car accident. He got hit pretty hard but felt fine. The other driver took responsibility for the accident according to the police report. He made a police report and went home. The next day, he was in severe pain and could not move his neck. He suffered migraines as well. He went to the hospital and had some x-rays done. He had whiplash and needed months of physical therapy. He tried getting with an attorney but was told since he did not get seen by a Dr immediately after the accident, there was no way of telling that his injuries were due to the accident. Has this ever happened to you? Would you know what to do if you were in an accident similar to this? do your teenage drivers know what do if something like this happens to them? Let’s talk about it… 

Molly Jiang: “ It happened to me as well” 

LeAnn M Dinsdale: “ I think that is bull. He went the next day.” 

Danny Rodriguez: “ Did the brother have uninsured insurance and full coverage? If so, he can suborgate. You have two years to file call my lawyer Sharon Hernandez. TJ HENRY. San Antonio.” 

Stephanie Tole Zuniga: “ That is a tricky thing. I agree he should have went to the Doctor after the accident. Sometimes injuries can show up later after an accident.” 

Luis Elizondo: “ Same thing happened to me.” 

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead: “Same happened to me. You see this guy, Desi I. Martinez. He’ll help you..” 

Danny Rodriguez: “BS”