The Black community united nationally during the‘60s. They spoke up. They protested. They were arrested, beaten, discriminated against. Hispanics went through the same hardship and we still do. The difference is we do not unite nationally. We do not talk about the police brutality or the discrimination nationally as the black community does. Who’s fault is that? Do we censor ourselves as Latinos? Let’s talk about it…

Armando Cantu: “I believe what you are talking about is true. If we united, we would be a great force in this Nation. Hispanics Latinos always talk the talk be-hind closed doors, but when it was important to speak up most stay silent. I don’t understand that crap. I have gotten into trouble many times, even fired from a job because I spoke for Hispan-ics I stand for what’s right. I will never change. Most Hispanic parents don’t raise their children to be united like the Blacks. There is too much hatred within our own culture. Lately, I do see some changes but is it enough? Let’s give each other love and strength. That’s all I pray for Hispan-ics to do.”

Charles Cervantes: “We, Hispanics Chicanos, Mexi-cans, Nortenos or Brown Power, can’t band together. We separate ourselves by the have and have nots. Which one are you?”

Hope Robinson: “I have experienced very little rac-ism in my life. I never blamed any of my problems on being Mexican. I consider myself Mexican American. I grew up in white culture. It’s not fear. It’s because I’m American first; it goes both ways. There is racism against whites as well as people of color. Racists need to be ashamed, beat back down, and not seen as acceptable. It should be ALL LIVES MATTER, not Black or Brown or Red.”

Joseph Martinez: “There is too much pride embedded deeply in our heritage. While this may not be a bad thing, times have changed and we won’t change with them.”

Mike Miller: “I really don’t think it is a race thing. All the kids in the daycare and elementary get along. Why is it that when we are told we are different we be-come racist? We all have the same basic life issues. Imagine if we were blind or in the dark.”

Nick: “The freedom of speech we all cherish so much was not meant for us- the colored skin, black, red, brown. The American system was designed to put people of European descent at an advantage. The “founding fathers” unleashed genocide and slav-ery on people indeginous to this land. They did not have us in mind when they established “freedoms.” Our “freedom of speech” and two party system is an ilusion of choice to keep society fighting and divided and the 1% stays in power for generations to come. We need to practice love, respect, and understanding for each other’s very unique situations in life. We need to stop trying to make ev-eryone lives our idealistic life styles.”