There was a time that the idea of a woman cheating vs a man cheating was not heard of often. I read today that Science says that it’s actually women who struggle more with being faithful because they get bored in the bedroom. I spoke to a young lady today who told me that in her group of married friends that hang out, it is the women who cheat on their husbands. Why do you think that the tables have turned? Or have they really turned at all? Has it always been this way? Let’s talk about it..

​​Alexander Steele: “My generation is getting older and we are mostly with younger women. So yeah, I can see that happening because being older we want loyalty and respect for each other but we also want a young beautiful woman on our arm. Basically, men are only renting women for a while. Depending on how much rent you want to spend. You can ride it and sometimes you get to eat parts of it. But you can always be sure you don’t get to keep it. So have fun, just don’t get too attached. Soon the heat gets turned up and boom you get burned.”

Eddie Davila: “Women have more options?”

Robert Vasquez: “Women struggle because men fail to give them the attention and affection.”

Roger Reyna: “I have always said what keeps a relationship going is not only in the bedroom, (of course it is a major factor), but keeping the fire going is more than just in the bedroom. Being out on a date with the woman or man you love makes the world of difference. Being attentive to each other makes a big difference. The problem is when we take our partners for granted is when you see what the other partner is missing. Then there comes along a charming character fulfilling the void and BAM those feelings are nurtured. It happens every time that we get comfortable with our relationships. Like I told my ex-wife, we were here before the children or the fancy cars and fancy houses. People in general have lost the connection for one another. Thus, why we have the huge disconnection in our world today.”

Priscilla Sanchez-Hurt: “I agree with Roger it is a result of being taken for granted. Marriage, like a job, takes work but it takes two to talk about it and keep the bond together.”

Carey Calvert: “It’s always been that way but I doubt it’s simply “bored in the bedroom (caveat – generalizations). I would summarize that most chicks settle for the cat they married: the provider – not the one who unequivocally makes that temperature rise.”

Jeff Hull: “It’s been like that for quite some time. Why? Because women are much better at being sneaky and keeping secrets than men are. I also believe that it’s because men peak early. While women tend to peak in their early 30s.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “I honestly feel anyone can cheat for any reason. I hear communication and finances.”
Gil Herman: “The thing is women fall in love with their lovers. That is how guys can tell.
Women want more after a while. More heart than sex. It always happens. They alienate their husbands because of it. At first it is only lust , but just wait awhile. If she is very quiet all of a sudden, less affection, less eye contact, you know what’s happening.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “In my family, most of the females have been cheated on. A couple have had it both ways but for the most part the men are the cheaters or have cheated first! Young and old!

Lonnie Bradley: “I can only say my ex cheated on me first. I did after, but I don’t know if I would have if she hadn’t. My first thought when the woman (who was also married) went beyond friendly was ‘She did it first’.”

Frank Burton: “People have lost respect for each other as well as loyalty in a marriage. It seems to be a thing of the past. Hopeless romantics vs the “imma get mine” mentality.”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Monogamy is not normal. Five years is the release point for humans to go on to the next venture. Fighting it creates a lot of this unwanted or unneeded misery. Everything starts to change at that point. Always been that way. Tough subject.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “I think both females and males cheat in this generation. Equal opportunity if a man can do it so can women and for many different reasons. An analysis revealed eight key reasons: anger, self-esteem, lack of love, low commitment, need for variety, neglect, sexual desire, and situation or circumstance.”

Nate Dilworth: “There is a statistic that says the more men a woman has been with before her marriage, the more dissatisfied she will be in the marriage and divorce. The age at which a female will start having sexual relations is also a factor. The ability for women to have sexual partners is easy, vs a man who has to be something to have sexual partners. With this in mind, the act of cheating is not the same for a man and a women, as a women has to only be beautiful to have sexual relations but a Man must have something going for himself or he is seen as a creeper. I had a friend of a friend who married a former escort after she started going to church. My friend told me, his friend talked to him about not ever satisfying her so they would pray about it. The answer would have been obvious to me.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “It’s the lack of attention to details. Cheaters always think they can do better instead of giving what they have 100%. Also, it’s the lack of commitment and lack of communication.”

Kristina Zavala: “I think women just got tired of the bull. Of course women always cheated too, but for the longest, and through generations, it was definitely a man’s world. Women just learned not to think with their emotions, and that no matter how much love, loyalty, time and attention they put into their man, it was never enough. Nowadays, women have a man’s mindset. They mess around because they can, just the same way men do. It could be because a new guy is giving them attention, spending money on them, or it could just be a sexual attraction. I feel like a woman’s loyalty is the same as a man’s now; there ain’t none.
There’s too many temptations. A woman doesn’t have to work too hard to get a man’s attention when men have always made it clear that the light is mostly always on green. Before her current relationship ends, she knows there’s plenty of other guys in her inbox just waiting. Women were suppressed and cheated on for years. Now women know they can be independent and do whatever they want and still hold it down. Work, pay bills, take care of the kids. They learned that because in the past, they had no choice. Now they are calling men for d*ck appointments and afterwards tells them to leave. It’s a “men ain’t sh**” mentality. I think I know maybe a handful of men that have “never” cheated.”

Belinda Mayen-Aldana: “Lack of sex and attention; some people need more than others and everything else can be perfect but if that’s missing well you have to get it somewhere else. Especially if the other person won’t even try to fix it.”

Michelle Morris: “Great topic Yvette Tello!! I hope you all don’t mind me telling my story. .. Thank you In advance. I was married for 25 years. We had our ups and downs, our disappointments, our struggles but we also achieved goals, supported each other and did everything we could to make our dreams come true not just for ourselves but for each other. We loved each other so much that people thought we had the “perfect” marriage, I thought we had that perfection for that matter. One evening he came home and said he wanted out and that he stopped loving me a long time ago. I was distraught and asked God why… I did the whole song and dance. A couple years later when I processed through my grief, I took accountability. I was the one that stopped loving him many years ago. I wanted out so badly but I was scared and very young. I realize that I married him and stayed married for our son, family and comfortability. So my answer to the question is because people marry so young and playhouse. I think that’s more our generation though (I’m speaking for myself anyway) Lol
I took all of my pain and lessons learned to find the woman I needed and wanted to be. I love who I’ve become. I’m remarried and completely at peace and very much in love. Though always together we keep our individuality and that’s one thing I lost with my ex, I became so codependent on him that I lost me. The grass isn’t always greener as they say. He tried to get me back but it was too late. I’ll always have love for him. We were just kids going with the notion. I got closer to God while he got closer to his admin as a quick response to why he and I divorced. There are so many factors to why people cheat. I don’t believe that one side outweighs the other. Thanks for reading y’all!! God bless.”

Thomas Mc: “Tables never turn — in any heterosexual affair, for everyone cheating man there is a cheating women so it’s always been even distribution and most people shouldn’t get married to begin with lol. People do it because it’s a societal norm so they end up in the same rut as everyone and then have an affair, nothing new at all. People are no better or worse than before.”

Tracy Trevino: “Omg!!! What a topic. People cheat because they fantasize about the perfect fairytale. They overlook the dramatic and destructive effect it causes for their partner and family. They are selfish. Truth is the grass still has to be mowed with your new prince or princess. You end up in the same situation after your fairytale turns into what you had in the past! People are people. Love and cherish the one you have so you won’t end up begging your old cheated on husband/wife in the future only to find they were better off without the cheater-liar-selfish idiot they once loved only to end up with a broken heart. Once the broken switch/heart is turned off it is nearly impossible to turn it back on. If you can get the switch to turn back on, just remember it’s been broken and fragile. Good luck with that bomb that’s ready to explode. More than likely trying to win someone back will get you a double fisted bird and lots of crap.”