Should CPS be called for a six year old running a 26 mile marathon?An Ohio couple made headlines last week after they let their children, including their son Rainier, 6, run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati on May 1 and shared it online. The couple said their 6-year-old wanted to run it. They let the boy run 26.2 miles.Do you think this was reasonable of the parents to have a 6 year old run this marathon? Should CPS have been called on the parents? Let’s talk about it.

Todd Forbes: “Nothing to see here that’s wrong !Great job finishing!! What an awesome achievement!!!! Your next one will be hard too but you’ll know how to do it -Success story!!!”

Beth Barthold: “And to think of all the children in t-ball, softball, baseball, gymnastics, learning to swim and run distances outside playing all day and other sports at an early age! Are their parents going to get a visit from CPS?”

Myke N Pam Ables: “I see nothing wrong with this. He did it and he’s fine. Nothing wrong with pushing your kiddos. My 8 year old hiked 20+ Alaska mountain miles in a day with a lightweight pack. We had to use many motivators but he did it and he was proud of himself.”

Gavin Walwork: “Can I call PARENT Protective Services for the 26.2 miles my kid makes me walk every time we go to Disney?”

Harmony Tanya: “Apparently the kid was complaining the entire run. I don’t know what the threshold is for a 6 year old kid but I’d like to think at some point the father would have picked the kid up or stopped for a breather. We’re not talking about a 5k here. I’d like to see half of your kids even run down the block. Might require them to put a phone down and have a video game console thrown out.”

Joe Brown: “I’ve run several marathons, and my 12-year-old son is a great runner (he just did very well in a 5K), but I think it’s wholly inappropriate to have a 6-year-old run 26.2 miles. I don’t know that CPS should have been involved, but it’s well established that it’s unhealthy for little kids to run long distances. Rotten parents, in my humble estimation. Plus, they named him “Rainier”.

Yvette Zaragoza Duarte:
“Much worse things out there. Good job young man!”

Dale Nacke: “So some people get their panties in a wad over a six year old running a marathon under the supervision of his parents and cps is called in but kids six years old and younger can come out as gay or transgender and these same wadded panties defend the child?”

John Molberg: “I walked 25 miles as a kid in the 70s in a March of Dimes walkathon. Voluntarily.”

David Jordan: “It was for sure wrong of the parents to allow their child to participate in a marathon. Especially a full marathon and not just a lil kids marathon. However, it doesn’t warrant a visit by CPS. That’s taking it way too far.”

Dora E. Cruz: “What the heck?! Either way people always find a way to criticize. If they left him at home they would have been criticized anyway for not taking him because he wanted to go. Just be happy for him. He did it and he is ok.”

Johnny Utah: “But people let their kids join video game marathons while feeding them junk food and McDonald’s and see nothing wrong with it?! What a joke!”

Margaret Perkins: “People need to mind their own business and let people raise their children according to their standards. As long as they aren’t forced, people mind your own business.”

MK Dyson: “It was not safe to push a six year old to run a marathon. Be prepared next time with snacks and water for him and when he is exhausted put him on your back or in a running stroller.”

Brandon Ashley: “I ran the LA Marathon when I was 8. It was rough and I had to run it alone and it rained the whole time. I got sick for a week afterwards. So yeah probably not a good idea at 6.”

Mark Cross: “So many people with nothing better to do. Instead of criticizing, the nay-sayers need to go pick up their prescription for Nunya. Nunya Business.”

Gilbert Torres: “Kid was probably testing his endurance level for when mom starts throwing chanclas at him. Wish I thought of that at 6. Mom couldn’t throw 5 blocks. But I couldn’t run 2 blocks. Nintendo 8-bit sounds every time I got hit.”

Lori War: “I think it depends on the person and not the age!”
Gio Dona: “I think it is ok as long as all safety measures are taken and plenty of water or whatever is needed.”

Jason Salas: “I’m a distance runner and have been since 1996. I’ve done two full marathons and around a dozen half marathons. More than just a few times I’ve seen in Runner’s World that full marathons aren’t recommended for people under 18 because of how rigorous they are on still growing bodies. No way would I let my EIGHT year old run one.”

Kathleen Brown: “Because of course some people would be offended that their kids aren’t sitting around playing video games and texting and making selfies, and eating junk food. Congratulations to this family.”

Klari Rz: “You walk that ,if not more than that, at Disney world.”

Ruben Colon: “Child abuse PERIOD.”

Don Lemasters: “And this is different than the Williams sisters thousands upon thousands upon thousands of hours of hard work to be truly great at anything.”

Tanya Lu: “Nothing wrong with it. The boy was asked numerous times if he wanted to stop.”

Joel Falcon: “I’m sure they know their child’s limits. Let them be parents and be their own family. Just because you can’t or would not allow it, don’t pass your ethics on to someone else.”

Tommy Smith: “Sooooo what’s the difference between his/their kids their choice, no different than aborting unborn kids right?”