One of my best Christmas memories was the last time my boys and I spent together. It was just us. I watched them opening gifts from the stairs and knew it would be the last time I would have that. They were happy. Watching them look at me to make eye contact as they opened their gifts with big smiles… priceless. They were teens already. My oldest moved out later that year. What year was your best Christmas ever and why? Let’s talk about it…

Yvette Elizabeth: “When I became a mom: 12/23/02.”

Benjamin Godina: “2020 was my rebound year! Got separated/divorced in 2018/2019 and my dad passed away in 2018.”

Sticks Gaitan: “1975, Miss Tello, got my first KISS poster at Valley Hi Mall.”

Traci Martinez: “Good Morning. I can’t remember the best Christmas I have had…but the past 4 years we have been very busy during this time with FFA. They have been good. Show season is the best family time we have!”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “My childhood Christmases were fun because we would get together with the cousins and we would listen to music and dance! It was a large crowd!”

Crysti Camden: “I was pretty sure the first Christmas, after my husband’s dad passed away, was going to be difficult. I had found Dad’s pocket watch. It wasn’t working, and was tarnished, and very dirty and grimy. I took it to a jeweler. They fixed it to work, and cleaned and polished it. It looked brand new! Terrance and I exchange our gifts, early Christmas morning, before the insanity begins. I was watching Terrance closely, when he opened the box, and saw the watch. He almost whimpered, “Oh,” he took it from the box. He was handling it as though it was glass. He thought it was lost, long ago. He wore that watch, all Christmas day, and brought it to his bedside nightstand. He wears the watch and I couldn’t have chosen better.”

Ann Tramonti: “When my sister and I were small, right after dinner my grandfather would take us for a ride in downtown Providence to see the lights and look in the store windows. I loved the huge Santa moving back and forth and dolls on huge fluffy clouds, suspended from the window ceiling like they were coming down from heaven. He would ask us which ones we liked and sure enough, that’s the one we got for Christmas. Then there was and still is, a canteen on wheels called Haven Bros., and he would get us hot chocolate with whipped cream. As soon as it got below freezing, he would flood the back yard so we could ice skate with our friends. It was glorious. I sure do miss him. He was the best!”

Manvi Mathur: “Out of all the Christmas memories, the best one was when me and my sister used to hang stockings on every December 24th night in a hope that Santa will come and will leave some gifts for us and everytime we used to receive something or the other accompanied by a letter from santa ( about living life , not fighting with each other and of course studying). Our smiles had no boundaries after receiving the gifts, though later on we came to know that it was mom and dad who used to do this, but this was the best Christmas memory that I had or I should say one of the best memories of my childhood.”

Norman Alley: “The first Christmas that I was asked to help put together presents my parents purchased for my sister who was eight years younger. I was twelve and knew that Santa Claus wasn’t real, but I could participate in helping the fantasy stay alive for my sister. I put together a girls tricycle and a set of play house structures with figurines. I keep my little hardware store open for a few hours on holidays, I don’t get too many calls or customers on Christmas, but there have been times I could help people with plumbing problems, etc. One Christmas I got a call from a father who was astonished I was open – he said his five year old daughter had received an Easy-Bake-Oven for Christmas that uses a 100 watt bulb for heat, and they didn’t realize that the oven did not come with a bulb, and they had none in the house. He told me that his daughter pulled on his pants and said “Daddy, Daddy, call The Woodsmith.” He told her I wouldn’t be there, but she kept insisting until he had to make the call, and sure enough, not only was I open but I had a bulb in stock. I can’t remember, but they might have been my only customers that day.”

Richard Maples: “Several years ago when I was dating my wife I was planning on asking her to marry me a few days after Christmas. We were co-starring in a play that was held between Christmas and New Years. I was going to ask her to marry me after the curtain call of our Saturday night show.On Christmas Eve we opened our gifts to one another, she was not exactly pleased that I had not given her a ring. She didn’t come out and say it, but she was clearly thinking it. She has since admitted this to me. On Saturday three days after Christmas during the curtain call I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. It brought down the house! Only three people knew what I had planned and they were sworn to secrecy. My wife accepted, thankfully. She had thought I simply was not ready to get married yet. She is very happy with how I staged the proposal. Eight years later and we’re still in love.”

Rohan Jain: “Out of all my Christmas holidays, the one that really stands out is the Christmas of 2016. I was in Germany for my exchange year, and my exams had just ended. We had vacations for a whole month. Some of us, who were not going back to our home countries, decided to go on a trip to Prague. The whole city of Prague was decorated for Christmas. We woke up early on the morning of 25th December, because we wanted to click some pictures on the Charles Bridge before it became crowded with tourists. After around an hour of clicking photos, we decided to have our Christmas breakfast in a lovely cafe down the street. The food was absolutely delicious. We spent the rest of the day roaming around Prague. Prague is an amazing city to visit, and the holiday vibe during Christmas really added to the excitement. It was a great trip. A memorable Christmas spent with some awesome friends in a lovely city.”

Tanya Brown: “My favorite Christmas memory was when I was working my first job after college. I was working late nights and weekends and never had anytime to myself. The one free weekend I had, I was doing Christmas shopping. Not just for myself but my parents who hate shopping. As much as I love to shop, buying presents for others is a hard task and not one I take lightly. So I decided to start the day at Macy’s, have a breakfast shop and work my way down 5th avenue. As I sat down at the restaurant I noticed that the breakfast menu was only a continental breakfast (muffins/croissants etc..). As I started to get up the lady next to me said “Let’s go next door dear”. I glance over and it’s a very sophisticated woman old enough to be my grandmother. I literally just followed her to the restaurant she was referring to. I ordered eggs/sausage/toast and coffee and she got something similar.We started to talk and she was jewish and was shopping for her grandchildren for Hanukkah. We had a lovely breakfast. We walked over to 5th avenue and parted ways. I forgot that I was exhausted and tired and not wanting to do any Xmas shopping. My breakfast with her renewed my holiday spirit. I always remember it fondly during every holiday season when I am shopping.”