I saw a news report that here in Texas we are on the verge of a second civil war. People do not believe in our system. There has been so much corruption exposed within the legal system that citizens believe they have to defend themselves and take matters into their own hands. Now people are attending protests with guns because it is their constitutional right to bear arms. The BLM movement was started to stop and prevent violence and has evolved to violence. All they were trying to accomplish was equal protection under the law for all American citizens. We have never seen so much division in our country in our entire history. It’s black against white. Red against blue. Citizens against the Law. When is it self defense or when is it a provoked attack? What side do you think is right? Do you think anything good will come from this? Why do you think this is happening? There is no right or wrong answer; Let’s talk about it…

Roxanne Perez: “I’m just gonna say this, and honestly, I don’t care who is offended. All Lives Matter, black, white, Asian,Hispanic, Native American, who truly lost more than most, Muslim, Police Officers, everybody! There’s no need for division, that’s how I feel about all this nonsense. Rioting, protesting while being ready to attack, bulls***! Sorry, that’s how I feel, we are One Nation Under God, we should act accordingly!”

Alan Thomas: “The majority of people in this country have grown tired of having things forced upon them. The majority just wants to be left alone and to live their lives without turmoil.”

Beverly Brooks: “Doesn’t matter. No ONE persons post is gonna make anyone change their mind. Not a lot of people on the fence, my friend. Social media is NOT the place or the way to change people– no offense, I know you mean well. But honestly, my friend, this further divides us.Just my opinion. I always say, “that, and a buck-oh-eight will get you a drink at Sonic.”

Jerry Leonard: “If anyone thinks the vocal minority speaks for all, then the republic is lost. We are two sides of the same coin and are united in the struggles of humanity. Stop letting people tell you how to feel.”

Robin S Tello: “This is my thought…I haven’t been paying attention to the news but I know I should….I personally don’t like how people are taking care of this by starting riots to prove they are right and such. It’s a bunch of bull…I don’t want to take sides…If Abraham Lincoln were to be here he would put us all in shame because he worked hard to ensure the blacks to be free and equal with the whites and vice versa. I feel our fore fathers worked hard for nothing to forge this country. How would it have been then if England would have won? Would we still act like a lot of bloody idiots or bastards? We are human stupid humans to be exact. How should we raise our children in this kind of society? How should they act or to deal with our “childish” problems as adults. I’m pissed about our world but I am waiting for an actual adult to step up to clean up our childish mess.”