My February Freeze Disaster hero for 2021 is Queta Rodriguez. The marine veteran represented the best of military city USA and was able to get dozens of senior citizens out of one of my Southeast side senior homes with freezing cold situations at Fair Avenue Senior Apartments on Fair Avenue. I was honored to greet the shaken up seniors at the Grand Hyatt when they arrived about 10:00 p.m. last night. I let them know that it was going to be alright and things were going to get better. Thanks to the food bank for assisting me in feeding them.
I played a small part in helping to get rooms for the seniors at the Grand Hyatt, food, and transportation from VIA, but if I had not been made aware by Queta, I wouldn’t have known about the nearly 200 residents who had been freezing for three days.
We also responded to the Granada Homes water crisis thanks to the Bexar County Emergency Operations Command with 12 crates of water. Big thanks to Geremy Landin for helping Queta and all of the others involved. Also thank you to Rep. Liz Campos who helped many many seniors who had been left in the cold. Many thanks to Jeff Arndt from VIA, Mario Obledo and Eric Cooper from the Food Bank, Chris Lopez Bexar County Emergency Operations Command and my County Staff–Amy Putney, Ramon Chapa, Angela Kelley, and Aaron Chasen who have all continued to answer the phone and respond while dealing with their own power,
water and food shortages.

“As important as it is to remember everyday people who showed up, it’s important to remember those who DID NOT and left their most vulnerable constituents to fend for themselves.” –
Queta Rodriguez