Ted Cruz was under much scrutiny this week as he took a vacation to Cancun while the great state of Texas was in a state of disaster with so many without electricity and water. It was a mistake,” said Cruz in an interview with ABC13-Tom Abrahams. “I started having second thoughts as I sat down on the plane.” Cruz went on to say leaders should be there at times of crisis. People in Texas were angry but surprisingly Cruz supporters justified his actions. The discussion has once again turned into a democrat/republican conversation. What do you think of Ted Cruz’s actions during last week’s snowstorm? Let’s talk about it…

Lonnie Bradley: “I’d go if I could, if I could work remotely.”

Robert Peralta De Armas: “ASI es es descarado oportunista este menos mal jamás pudo alcanzar la presidencia.”

John Paul Ortiz: “All I hear is entitlement. And what a coward to use his daughters to deflect his decisions.”

Carolina Roberts: “As you sat on the plane?! It should have been when the thought came to mind, you should have shot that sh** down then!! Excuses.”

Mike Miller: Where is Biden? Did he declare a state of emergency in Texas? I would think any other president would have by now. Oh wait, red state.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Biden signed the disaster declaration Tuesday.”

Thomas Mc: “Biden did declare a state of emergency, unlike Trump who took forever to help California when they needed it. In any state, the governor has to declare a state of emergency to the federal government before the president can send federal help and in most cases federal help is usually sent after the storm hits so as to assess the damages.”

Candy Yvonne: “ And still not even a sympathy card from the trash POTUS. He barely reached out to Israel recently. Don’t expect much; and these people will defend Biden to the very end even while their freedom is being taken away. Change won’t happen if things stay the same even after last week’s tragic occurrences.”

Jessica Covarrubias: “He took a vacation at his young children’s request during a devastating time that Texans needed him. How can a senator lead when his children rule his house? Maybe he’s not the man for the job.”

Norma Jean Eagan: “Because the storm is Ted Cruz’s fault !? Omg ! If everyone had the means to leave before the storm hit , I’m sure they would have. At the end of the day, you want to make sure your family is safe .”

Michelle De Leon: “I think, and this is just my opinion, I won’t argue. In anyone’s circumstance if we had the opportunity to take our children/family away from the storm (or any disaster occurring in the state), I honestly believe we would all take it. I do support Ted Cruz. As a father/husband, I believe he did what we would all do. As a senator, I do believe he should’ve stayed behind and let his family go on ahead. But at the end of the day he is a father first. You can’t blame the man for caring for his own because most of us would do the same in that situation.”

Judy Brady-Sertich: “Just real IGNORANT! Parents don’t teach their children that elected public servants do not spend tax dollars on a vacation when fellow TEXANS and his CONSTITUTES are suffering! DON’T DEFEND HIM…TEACH HIM TO USE BETTER JUDGEMENT NEXT TIME!”

Vicky Cuevas: “He should have been volunteering to begin with; not until he was criticized for taking a vacation while his constituents froze and died. Doing something because you are FORCED to do it does not grant you automatic forgiveness.”

Jennifer De La Rosa: “He could be a nice person but as a politician serving a community that needed someone working for us, he flees, looking out for himself and family. His actions were selfish and shows he is not meant to serve. His job is a service job to the people of his district. Fight, vote and represent the people in the area when needed. It was needed and he flew away. So I don’t feel bad pointing out he didn’t do his job!”

Vanessa de la Cueva-Leonhard: “He needs to GO! Blaming your children for your decision to leave your constituents because they were cold is wrong on so many levels! And then to request and get a police escort to the airport on taxpayers dime??!!! People DIED because there was NO HEAT and you run like a coward!”

Amy Hernandez: “I feel he should have stayed but as far as his family, any man that is able to get their family out of harm’s way is honorable to me. I don’t wish ANYONE to be in the position a lot of us were in and I know a few families that did leave before the storm hit. Does it mean they didn’t care about other families or neighbors??? No, but at the end of they day your spouse and kids are who come first, especially since he was in our situation and was just taking cover. NOW FORGETFUL BIDEN JUST LOOKED THE OTHER WAY….ya he may have signed a paper for FEMA on VDay, but he sure in hell didn’t take the time to make sure they arrived when needed and not 5 days too late.”

Wesley Adkins: “I myself do not feel like he made a mistake by going to Cancun. I think he’s a good dad for doing what he did for his kids. Now, let’s say you do feel like what he did was a mistake. So let’s take this mistake you feel like he made and realize that he admitted he made a mistake, and changed his course of action and came back. Are people not allowed to make mistakes anymore? Are we not forgiving people? I don’t know about you, but I’m much more concerned about how a person handles a mistake than I am concerned about having a person try to be perfect. There’s no one perfect in this world, especially in politics, there are only those who are better at hiding their actions. I’ll take a visibly imperfect person over someone who hides their evil!

Deneen Cuellar : “Ted is probably a great person. BUT like any job, if I was hired to do a job and decided to walk away when it got tough, I would have been fired.”

Norma Garcia: “How badly they are treated? How about the 70 people that died? Shouldn’t you be feeling bad for them. He’s still breathing. And the rest of Texans that were left in bad conditions by the storm. Why didn’t he step up and get us help? I’m 65 and had to sleep in a house at 20 degrees, no water and no food. Had to sit in the car with a child and a dog to get warm. He neglected to do his job and help Texans with his connections. Boo hoo, poor Ted. He can ditch it but can’t take it.”

Jacob Rossi: “Ted Cruz ditched the state he is supposed to represent. That’s horrible. If Democrats think this is going to sink him then they haven’t learned their lessons from the last couple of statewide elections. Voters still have no reason to support empty suits on the other side of the aisle despite Cruz’s terrible leadership. Democrats need legislative accomplishments under Biden if they want to beat Cruz and gain power in the Lone Star State. Raising the minimum wage, $2,000 stimulus, add a public option to Obamacare and cancel $50,000 in student debt would be a great start.”

Rosalie Sobiesiak: ”Teddy and Heidi were NOT treated badly. They made a decision to flee to Cancun when Texas was suffering. You make a decision, there are consequences for that decision”

Dallas Borota: “Why is he the villain here? No one can tell me they wouldn’t have done the same to go be with their kids. I saw plenty of people sharing snow day fun pics with their kids. Enjoying the time, DESPITE the weather or circumstances. Why do so many people have the, if I’m miserable, so should everyone else be, attitude? As long as he was available by phone, I don’t care what he did during the snowstorm.”

Michelle Tabit: ‘Note the parking lot where he volunteered is empty and there is no line waiting for water. I guess the good man staged a photo to try and convince us of his sainthood.”

Robin Parsons: ‘Go back to Mexico Cruz! It’s too late! Isn’t that what everyone else said about all the other politicians?”

Ashley Burke: “Ted Cruz you are a good man. You stated it probably wasn’t a good idea and have done everything you can to help fix it. What did you want him to do? He’s not the mayor, not the governor, he can’t turn back the electricity on”

Judy Barber: “The only reason they are abusing Ted Cruz is because he stood up for President Trump. If he didn’t they wouldn’t say a thing. Too many sick people with nothing to do except cause trouble.”

Jim Broadman: “This guy’s name is tarnished right now in Texas, his state, nobody wants to see him loading water or serving food to first responders. How about quietly raising millions of relief for his constituents like AOC did. This dude is missing the mark big time in his own state, just plain stupid to abandon your state in its greatest time of need.”

Juan Rodriguez: “I’m more upset that he didn’t invite me to go to Cancun. We went to Florida and almost were stuck because of the snow and ice. ¡La próxima vez invítame!”