By Yvette Tello

People are tired of CO- VID-19; mask or no mask, Black vs White, Demo- crats vs Republicans, Gay vs Straight. Christians vs Atheists, the media. People sick of no one being allowed to think what they want and feel what they do without offending someone; sick of people who call the cops when anyone does anything they don’t approve of; sick of blaming the whole for the sins of a few. We’re one race—the human race. We should stop thrusting our beliefs on others and not be ok to deal with the fact that others don’t have the same exact mindset as you. Having our own minds is what makes us all individual and beautiful. If you can’t handle the fact that you may have a friend or a family member that has opposing views as you, then you are not any better than the bigots and the racists. I don’t have to agree with every- thing you believe to be a decent human being. Do you agree?

Ananda San Miguel:: “Human rights aren’t for debate, it’s not a question of your opinion vs mine. Freedom and the pursuit of happiness are basic rights for all humans. Equity and equality don’t have to rely on who is in office or wait for the next government to change. These are basic constitutional rights. “All men are created equal..” don’t forget.”

Mike Miller: “I agree”

Lester Levine: “I agree that we are one race, the human race and are one people in the eyes of God but that’s in Heaven. This is Texas ma’am.”

Mar gie Meadows Beeche: “Closest thing to heaven is Texas ac- cording to many!! I am not discounting legitimate issues…truly, I am  not. I just don’t believe EV- ERYTHING is an insurmountable issue as some would have us believe!”

Susan Statton McRoberts: “We all need to agree to disagree then move on!!!”

Debbie Pazderny: “This is so true!!!”

Cristina Dias Ferraz: “Amen!!! That is exactly how I feel. So sad how people are behaving. Lack of love, respect and kind- ness!!”

Irene Livres: “Turn the TV off and enjoy the beauty of nature. Think about all that is good. ”

Lois Dell: “Read my mind, I totally agree.”

Noel Tello: “Absolute truth. It’s always been interesting that our religions require / demand that we “save” our unsaved by revealing our good Chris- tian news. However, all we are to do is give the information, it’s still up to the receiver to accept or deny. And you don’t win people over with brow- beating.”

Lorenzo Gatica: “ WELL SAID AND NAILED IT.”

Sandra Perez: “ Accurate.”

Lydia Curran: ”It’s just common sense that’s all. Ugly Actions get Ugly Actions . Think about what your intentions are before you speak . If we all were mindful it would be a different world . Just listen to each other, every- one has their own opinion & that’s fine . But don’t attack each other because they don’t agree with you. It seem like there’s going be a civil War.”

Thomas Mc: “There’s opposing views and then there is ethics and morals. I’ll cut off ties with any- one who does not share my ethics or moral com- pass. Just because some- one has a belief doesn’t make them right. A large majority of people believe based on their emotions if data, science, and human decency doesn’t support their emotional belief I’m under no obligation to placate them.”

Gilbert Dimas: “ I agree”