Provided by Hopscotch

Matt Elson (Los Angeles, California)  is an artist with a passion for creating immersive experiences. He has been described as a cross between Willy Wonka and Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. Matt has experience working in MIT’s artificial intelligence lab and Disney’s animation studio. Now, Matt focuses his creative energy on creating spaces where people can connect and interact with art.

The cover art is called Infinity Boxes: Using color, light and mirrors, optical illusions are created that envelop the viewer when they peer inside. Part of the Awakened Vision Series – artworks that are physical, experiential, create new perspective, and an active awareness of the vision we normally assume. They are about play, fun, interaction, aliveness and conscious awareness.

The piece is available to view this Friday at the opening of the new downtown gallery space, Hopscotch. The 20,000 square foot gallery will feature immersive exhibits from artists ranging in location from San Antonio to Moscow. While the collection showcases the works of artists from all over the globe, Hopscotch’s home in San Antonio allows it to highlight and celebrate the work of local artists and collectives like San Antonio Street Art Initiative, Gary Sweeney, Amada Miller and more. The space will feature 14 uniquely curated installations from more than 40 local, national and international artists.

Hopscotch is an immersive and experiential brand that brings together artists in collaborative environments to create distinctive shared experiences. Co-founded by entrepreneurs Nicole Jensen and Hunter Inman, Hopscotch provides distinct experiences through the curation of local-centric, immersive, and experiential art. Hopscotch creates platforms for local, national and international artists to experiment with a wide spectrum of mediums and technology. Hopscotch’s aim is to elicit a sense of joy and wonder in the curated spaces, where guests may explore beyond their day to day reality. Hopscotch strongly believes in cultivating lasting relationships and a synergy with artists and the local communities they are in.

Tickets can be purchased online at Advanced ticket purchasing is strongly encouraged to ensure guests can attend on their desired date and avoid wait times. Prices are as follows:

  • Adult Tickets: $23
  • Senior, Student, Military Tickets: $20
  • Children’s Tickets (4-13): $15
  • Children (three and under): free