Kate Jaceldo, co-owner of Compost Queens, sat down with La Prensa Texas to discuss her business and Compost Day, which is on May 29.
If you’re looking for a way to better the environment by learning how to compost, Compost Queens will gladly help you.
Compost Queens is a small business that helps the community compost organic material by turning it into organic matter to create healthier soil and plants.
“We’ve been in business for four years,” said Jaceldo, who was influenced by her mother to garden and compost.
Anyone from a resident or business can call the Compost Queens to collect food scraps for composting. The team goes about this mission by giving you the material to collect your food scraps. Then, they come to your residents or business to take the scraps and compost it on local farms.
In addition to providing the service for homes and businesses, Compost Queens sells Bokashi flakes for those who want to compost at home.
“You combined a little bit [of Bokashi flakes] with food scraps in an air-tight bucket and just keep layering that and it’s basically going to ferment your food scraps, so that it doesn’t smell super awful like a lot of people think about with rotting food, and you won’t get bugs in there,” said Jaceldo.
Compost Queens also offers educational workshops through Facebook and Instagram for those who want to learn the process of composting.
So, for Compost Day on May 29, if you want to start helping the environment and are ready to learn about composting, Compost Queens is there to help you help the environment.
What do you say, San Antonio? It’s time to do your part and save water, energy and fuel by composting.
“When we send our food to the landfill it’s a liability for all of us, and when we compost, it’s a resource,” said Jaceldo. “So, to me, it’s a no-brainer, if you can compost your food waste, you should do it.”
For more information on Compost Queens, please visit: Website – https://www.compostqueenstx.com/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/compostqueens/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/compostqueens