Let’s talk about Covid brain. Am I the only one that can’t remember things, stay focused on more than one thing at a time,or Just forgets why I walked into a room? Ever since I got Covid, I just can’t get back to my old self and handle several things at a time. Months after a bout with COVID-19, many people are still struggling with memory problems, mental fog and mood changes. One reason is that the disease can cause long-term harm to the brain. How has Covid affected you? Let’s talk about it..

​Maria Cedillo: “I’m on the same path.. still with headaches .. and feel tired.”

Tracy Trevino: “My husband still has eye pain and sensitivity from Covid.”

JoAnn Campos: “I feel the same way ever since COVID. I don’t feel like myself, why is that?”
Irene V. Zertuche: ‘Me!”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “No. You are not alone. I lose words and names.”

Ray Nuñez: “Sorry to hear you and so many are still feeling effects from that illness. I’ve been blessed to not have gotten it. I still suffer from some of those things though. Maybe it could be something else then.”

Cynthia Garcia: “Covid brain fog. I have found that the more I workout and improve my health, the less it continues to affect me. It drives me nuts when I can’t remember a simple word or totally forget things that I should have remembered. You are stronger than covid. I did not let that fatigue or fog keep me down long. These are ugly feelings for sure and I pray you get past it. I was negative in Jan 2021 and I was so fatigued and blah until May 2021 when I hit the gym hard and gained back my strength and energy.”

Candy Yvonne: ‘Yup, I had Covid brain… took a while to get back on track. Very strange this is bio engineered.”

Todd Forbes: “If you have had the Jab or if not and you have had covid, you need to detox your body. This is now out that the spike proteins stay in your body- there are several ways that you can do it but do it.”

Eamon Roberts: ‘Vaccine brain fog.”

Chloe Wright: “After I had covid, I had to write lists because I couldn’t remember what I was doing from one minute to the next. It was like Alzheimer’s. I recovered. But to pretend that none of this exists is ridiculous and doesn’t really help your antivax cause at all.”