San Antonio has another spike in the spread of the coronavirus, including a rising death and hospitalization count. The briefings by Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff continue to stress social distancing practices and the use of facial masks. Family gatherings are discouraged to prevent the spread of the virus. At the same time, City officials have a double standard when it comes to events hosted at the AlamoDome like the world championship boxing match and annual Valero Alamo Bowl that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would consider a danger to public health. What about the Riverwalk crowds and how narrow the walkways are? How can we not have Christmas or New Years Eve but we can have boxing and football games in our city? Let’s talk about it…

Tea Santos: “Good question for the Mayor.”

Gary Zeinert: “Or how can Walmart and H‑E‑B be open and the local, corner bar has to shut down? I was at H‑E‑B on Christmas Eve and a local bar two days later. There was a lot more social distancing at the bar. I’m not saying 10,000 square foot nightclubs. I’m saying a neighborhood bar run by the same family for 30 years, 2,000 square feet and never had more than 20 people in it at a time. That can’t be more dangerous than Walmart.”

Henry Shamdas: “ No, there is not more social distancing at a bar. At HEB, you’re moving around not stagnant in one place and you have a mask on as you’re moving. At a bar, you’re not moving around and masks aren’t on.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “ Limited people touch stuff at a bar and there is a required level of cleanliness. You don’t know who touched what at WalMart.”

Shawn Armstrong:”I had Christmas and going to have a New Years too…..nobody or nothing stopped me.”

Thomas Mc: “From what I understand the alamodome is operating only at 17% and will have things sectioned off and closed off. A study done showed that if there was a stadium of 10k people and every single person wore a mask the chances of contracting covid would be nil. I feel bad for bar owners because I feel many did a good job at complying but too many didn’t and now they are all shut down again. It would have been better to just shut down the ones not complying but that takes too long to figure out unfortunately.”

Mike Miller: “This is not a virus it’s an agenda disguised as a virus! I have been knee deep in this for 2 months solid this time. I am just saying that if the government really wanted this done, they would be in tune across the country. Everyone has their own rules to fit what they want. The CDC can’t even make up their minds. The WHO has different ideas and then it trickles down to a close friend getting it and being sent home from the hospital with the only instructions to drink a lot of water. He is 82. There is an agenda. The 5th largest economy in the world is closed and the state of Florida is bragging that they are open for business. They are playing with all of our lives.”

Joey Santibanez: “That game starts at 9pm. I’m already sleepy”

Michelle Butler: “It’s Texas Football!”

Amanda Cena: “Stores are a necessity, bars are not. For those that still believe this is fake, how do you explain the deaths from this virus? And the stronger virus is already here. Prayers over you and yours still living your life like nothing is going on. I would not want to chance my life over a party or to go to a bar.”

Rhonda Broyles: “I think this is outrageous.”

Isaiah Agunk: “Not that scary when you break down the math.”