A vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was 90 percent effective in preventing Covid-19 infections in ongoing Phase 3 trials.. According to preliminary findings, protection in patients was achieved seven days after the second of two doses, and 28 days after the first. The government is stockpiling on the Covid vaccine. When this ultracold vaccine is distributed will you be getting vaccinated? If not, why not? Let’s talk about it..
Eric Tello: The vaccine is being rushed and doesn’t have the time needed in order for it to go through the necessary clinical stages needed in order to figure out how to give it to everyone and not be negatively affected by it (side effects). I get it, this virus is deadly and a vaccine is needed to combat it, but too short time could be detrimental if it’s FDA approved which – I know I’ll receive backlash for this – I hope it is not.”

Michael Knight: “So, news of a “vaccine” with a 10% failure rate, for a non existent “virus”, was released to the global media on the day Trump was due to make his allegations of electoral fraud. Now call me cynical, but I’ve been around far too long not to smell BS on this. One thing’s for sure, a lot of people in the know will have turned a tidy profit on the stock market today.”

Virginia Ann Sherwood: “I have been getting calls from my pharmacy about getting the covid vaccine. Being a Cancer survivor and living with Lupus, I need any help I can get. My husband also has a rare cancer; Multiple Myeloma. I sure don’t want him getting sick he’s going through Chemo.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I’m not sure I’d be able if it’s egg-based because I’m allergic. Same thing for the flu shot.”

Atrayou Skye Siverly: “So this vaccine is really different than the ones we have used for decades. Anyone care to discuss this? It’s not a fraction of the virus injected for the body to build antibodies, in fact it’s actually altering the DNA of our cells.

Henry Shamdas: “I’ll wait a few months to see what happens to others.”

James Andre: “Just my opinion only, the government should add this vaccine to its list of insured against damages to people before rolling out, then raise the compensation level to what is in line with 21’st century care or loss costs and not the measly 120K they offer now before we keel over. Anyone missed that one?”

Munish Dhiman: “But the recovery rate is already very high without any vaccine. Are they counting these self recovering cases also in favour of vaccines?”

Kaizer Shabos: “What about side effects? Not yet confirmed. People are recovering by itself. Do we really need them? I don’t think so.”

Ranjan Kumar Banik: “Ray of hope shining.”

Scott Barton: “Great news for the people who fall into the category of covid being a death sentence. I won’t be having it myself but hopefully we can get back to normality soon.”

Kris Fortner: “Does anyone know if the vaccine contains thimerosal? It’s a preservative that many are allergic to and in many shots like the flu shot for example.”

Al Descallar: “If Pfizer can raise the dead with Viagra, it can also cure the living with covid vaccine.”