CPS rate increase is being proposed. The utility needs council’s support to institute a two-pronged approach to raising customers’ bills: a 3.85% increase to the base rates and a bump in the fuel adjustment charge. Combined, CPS officials say those changes would raise the average residential customer’s bill by about 3.3% — or $5.10 per month.
If approved, we will see the increase on our bill by March 1st. With the country recovering from covid, do you think the timing is right to be making a decision like this? Let’s talk about it…

Jill Robinson: “ My biggest concern is will we have gas, water and electricity if we have another snowstorm.”

Maria Dominguez: “I’m interested in how they plan to prevent another disaster. What have they done to ensure the safety of their customers? What justifies that increase?”

Michael Fernandez: “Vote no on rate increases until CPS commits to third party investigation into practices.”

Mary Nethery: “What will our grid do to handle another SNOWVID if there is an increase?”

Karen Robinson Roberts: “No rate increase!”

Yahia Garcia: “We need accountability from city owned utilities and city leadership. Giving our taxes that were suppose to fix streets to via and some bridge for animals in a park named after who? How about not invade their habitat, ppl across town can’t even afford to hang out in that area but have to pay for it. Hell!.You cant even get saws to fix this street correctly and y’all get mad over how i speak. Or maybe get that cps exec to payback all the expenses charged to corporate credit card? Why the hell he need a corporate cc, does he have to go to suppliers and purchase equipment to make repairs? Mann..We ain’t stupid, treviño screwed us in dellview and i’m getting the same treatment from your office.”

Tess DeFlori: “Did you see how the upper management spent our money on limousines, high dollar restaurants, catered parties, fixing vehicles at the friend’s company for 15,000 dollars each when at the time, you could be one for that amount? All City Politicians did NOTHING. Had it been you or me, we would be in jail!”

Rob Gonzales: “I always review my bill. In the summer, I paid for the rate. Then the premium hour rate. And then another rate for the same hours used. I felt like I paid triple for the same energy. So, a rate hike does what??? Especially when CPS hasn’t collected $92 million that people didn’t pay because of Covid.”

Martha Garza: “We’re watching you CPS. We are paying you for a service. You work for us. We’re watching…”

Bertha Ramon: “ I saw recently that there are 3 types of utility rate plans, ie. Fixed, variable and index. How do I determine what type of rate plan I have? I cannot find it on my monthly bill nor could your customer service rep answer this question. Thanks in advance.”

Amber Dunn: “A full audit and investigation of CPS needs to be completed. At this point your word is mud and we can’t believe much of what you say. And the audacity to claim families weren’t out of power consistently for 20-ish, whatever hour you said, is false. Your company believed our community was part of rolling outages but when drilling down to the meter it was determined power never came back on after 5 am on Monday until sometime around 10pm Wednesday. Be honest and transparent with your consumers and with your failures.”

Michael Glover: “Yes, Paula Gold Williams (CEO of CPS San Antonio) should resign or be fired. She makes too big of a paycheck to not be prepared for major weather events. Now she’s trying to pass the buck with increased future utility costs to customers. Not good.”