By Yvette Tello
I was at the grocery store today and overheard a conversation. The ladies were in their 30’s. One mentioned that she did not date Mexican men because her mom told her they beat their women to keep them in line. The other young lady laughed and said that wasn’t true anymore. Those were the Mexicans from a long time ago. What do you think? Is there less domestic violence now than before? Is it a cultural issue? Let’s talk about it…

Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead:
“I’m 63 and when I was about 5 my mom brain- washed me into marrying only white men. She never told me why. The father of my first born, “ Gonzalez” used to beat me and was a womanizer. So, I married a white man. He was no better. Lol. I think I’m just a bad picker…So, my cousins, who are Latino, never abuse their wives. I think it’s how you’re raised. All my cousins are educated and my aunts and uncles are top notch citizens. Just be a better picker. Lol. Better yet, let God do the picking”

Marty Mall Jones Morando:
“There’s domestic abuse in every race and age!”

Rebecca Perez:
“Domestic abuse happens to all racists and in all cultures. It’s not even how they are raised. Whether it be a man or woman, an abuser is an abuser. Abuse stops when the person decides to leave. What is sad is that most Latins will stay in abusive relationship because they believe that you should stay by your spouse or partner no matter what the conditions are.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“ Men are going to beat women regardless of culture I think. If you look at domestic violence reports is cross culture. Most Mexican women I know would hit back. There’d be three hits. He’d hit her. She’d hit him. He’d hit the floor.”

Belinda Mayen Aldana: “Any race can commit domestic violence it’s a bad rap for Mexican men .. my daughter refused to date or marry a Hispanic because she felt my husband was to controlling.. it just depends on how they were raised. Now my first husband was another story I had restraining orders on him but again that’s how he was raised his family was violent towards everyone not just the women in their life.”

Lori Garcia:
“Domestic abuse does not discriminate against sex, race, religion or age. It doesn’t even care what your heart and spirit are like or how you treat others. Education isn’t even a factor. Domestic abuse is very much alive now as it was in the early years. There’s a new syndrome called malignant narcissism. It’s so insidious that the medical field has been overwhelmed by the number of victims, that they now have a new diagnosis for the victims as well. Treatment for Narcissistic Victim Syndrome is
becoming more popular today as there have been more studies and treatment.

The abuser is absent of con- science and boundaries. The abuse is limitless leaving the victim feeling powerless, depression, severe anxiety and fatigue. It’s worth looking into. There are many more debilitating and devastating effects of this abuse. Many people can relate when researching and educating themselves about this, thus taking the first step to breakaway and heal. I usually don’t put myself out there like this but I know you have a lot of readers and I’m using this platform in hopes of helping someone with my testimony. Finally, I can say that my God has helped me every step of the way and life is so good now. It can be for anyone else as well. Many beloved blessings to all!”

Gerard Bustillo:
“That’s so stereo typical, as well as when I wear my white tank top I sometimes hear “look he’s wearing a wife beater.”

Lilia Prado Rivera:
“Wow!It’s everywhere, women hit too.”