The First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is receiving some criticism for comments made during Monday’s stop in San Antonio; “That the diversity of this community, as district as the bogodas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio … (laughs) is your strength.”The National Association of Hispanic Journalists tweeted out:
“NAHJ encourages FLOTUS and her communications team to take time to better understand the complexities of our people & communities. We are not tacos. Our heritage as Latinos is shaped by various diasporas, cultures and food traditions. Do not reduce us to stereotypes.”
Do you agree with the NAHP? Do you think this was offensive or just funny? Let’s talk about it…

Robert Vasquez: “In 2022 Americans are hyper sensitive. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me ….. the good ole days.”

Jeff Mahl: “It was well meaning. Sometimes folks are just too sensitive.”

Leon Gaytan: “I can see both points of view. If she would have said something about other races and their food it would not have been too funny, but when I first saw it, I did laugh. Tacos.
But the question we need to ask is, did she even mention anything about the beautiful souls lost in Uvalde or the 51 beautiful souls in the 18 wheeler trailer.”

Lydia Curran: “I don’t sweat the small stuff. She didn’t mean it, her writers screwed that up and she should’ve talked about it with them before speaking because now people are all upset. I’m Hispanic and I don’t care, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Frances Potter: “Just funny. President Ford was eating the Tamales with the shuck. I do not believe she meant anything offensive.”

Michael Suarez: “Eh, our generation has tougher skin than that, well at the least MOST do. People seem to look for anything to be offended at these days. I personally feel more like a burrito than a taco with all my ingredients out to see, you have to invest time into my tortilla wrapped exterior to find my real flavor!”

Paul Budak: “You need more fiber in your diet.”

Slivia Rodriguez: “That’s offensive, she knows what she is going to talk or read. Don’t play dumb, it was not funny.”

Rosemary Inman: “She is as off her rocker as her husband. No wonder we don’t see her often.”

Patrick Flomo: “Democracy is good. When will the first lady of Russia be criticized openly in Russia?”

Kemo Cham: “People just like to make issues out of everything. Even with a woman as harmless as this? Grow up people. Grow up.”

Sulaiman Usman Baffa: “I thought American Presidents, Vice Presidents, First Ladies and Last Ladies have aides to help them speak legally and reasonably.”

Molly Mille: “She meant no harm. There’s much more serious issues going on in America now. Try addressing them people.”

Chris Erbeck: “She obviously meant Menudo.”

Tim White: “Mexican food has transformed my life.”

Zayii Marzz: “Unique in the way that we’re diverse.”

Fariid M. Sani: “She didn’t mean anything derogatory by it. It’s not something EVERY person in the US hasn’t also said in one context or another with respect to good food from every culture!”

Howard Payne: “Surprising note, not everyone eats tacos for breakfast. Although among the “latino” community it is more prevalent, just in case any were wondering. What is not at all unique is the comments of folks with a chip on their shoulders, or not willing to admit any “uniqueness” among various communities. Oh, and it would seem not much sense of humor. Just sayin’. (Ok, on to the next “nit” to pick, lol.)”

Wendy Mitchell: “Tacos are very unique, but not a good analogy in that forum.”

Deb Cee: “Wow. Joe and Jill are the perfect couple. Neither one should speak in public.”

Jose Ramirez: “I am a Mexican American and don’t like to be called a taco. I am a proud naturalized American citizen, I love this country, I love the constitution of the United States of America. Again, I am not a taco; that comment is racist.”

Robbie Olivieri Vergnetti: “Thanks to all the people who voted these nitwits into office…”

Carmen Pura Vida: “I’m Latina, NOT Latinx and yes I do love tacos but I learned of them here in Texas not in Panama city, Panamá because over there it’s not part of our culture to eat tacos. Another ignorant perception that every latin/hispanic person knows about tacos really”