Thomas Mc: “Neither one of these dinosaurs should run again.”

Feliz Flores: “No, No, No Trump. Biden is good, he did good for poor people.”

Lonnie Bradley: “Neither should run again.”

Tracy Bogert: “Please do. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to the Democratic party.”

Alexander Steele: “Yup !!! Democrats are so afraid of Trump they will break federal law to keep him out because he can’t be bought.”

Debi Castillo: “Michelle Obama for President.”

Debbie Fowler: “Absolutely NOT — he is nothing but divisive and a blemish in this country. We were Great before he ever came along, we are still Great, and long after he is long gone we will be even Greater.”

Maria Martinez Crump: “He Should Be Locked Up By Now.”
Yvonne Richardson: “Nope Nope Nope. While his policy was good and our economy was great he is incapable of shutting his mouth and his ego outweighs the good he does.”

Christina Mendez: “Yes, time to Clean-up this Hot Mess! And Make Americans Great Again!”

Linda Mason Jones: “I don’t understand some of these people who think that President Donald J Trump should be in jail when the Biden family and Clinton family are the ones that should be locked up along with some of the other Democrats. President Donald J Trump done nothing wrong.”

Bernie Rodriguez: “I’m glad that “Should Biden run again as president?”, isn’t even a question…”

Delores Barker Womble: “What stuff would he get done? He stood by and let hundreds of thousands of people die during COVID, stating it was a hoax until he got it. What good policies would he be enforcing? Nothing but hatred.”

Barbara Gold-Davis: “IMHO…Neither Trump nor Biden should run, we need younger candidates than those in their 70s or 80s.”

Rosemary Vasquez: “No !!! He’ll bring his party down even more !!!”

Laz Salazar: “1000x better than who we have right now.”

Sally Starmer Dowdy: “No, and I voted for him. Time to find younger candidates.”

Samantha Hurt: “Yep!!! He was a great president and we need him back!”


Carol Moore: “Yes he should be one of the very best presidents we have had.”

Kim Utt: “ABSOLUTELY. HE BELIEVES IN GOD! He is a great businessman, knows right from wrong and is PRO LIFE.TRUMP 24!”

Anthony Karl Wann: “Unfortunately, I don’t think he should. It’s a culture vs Trump war. The media has people brainwashed that ‘orange man bad’.”

Mikey Aguilar: “No, but Desantis should.”

Rob West: “This country is too dang sensitive to what people say in this day and age. Other than his mouth, everything he did was for this country and not his pockets unlike the rest of the politicians, both dems and republicans.”

Desi Jacinda: “No to trump. No to Biden. Can’t we get a decent politician that actually cares about our country? An actual decent human being?”

Jeanine Bleeker: “While he was a good president, he now has too much baggage and is too old and self centered. So NO,NO, NO. We want DeSantis.”

Sara J Robinson: “No… I think we need to start having an age limit for any official government position.”