Current vaccines have shown effectiveness in protecting against or at least minimizing the damage from a delta infection, and the vast majority of infections and hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated.What do you think? Are you concerned about the Delta variant? Let’s talk about it…

Henry Shamdas: “Nah, the lambda variant out of Peru is the real concern.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “There is no way to test the variant until they do a sampling of positive tests. The CDC is not reporting vaccinated cases. I think that this shot is like the flu shot. It helps your body fight off the virus but it’s not 100%. Anything that can help people fight the flu or COVID is good. We get a flu shot each year to protect against a particular strain. I think Covid will be the same.”

Chris Villarreal: “I’m wondering if the second spike or variant was spread from vaccinated people who were still under the impression that they could lose the mask and not have to worry anymore? Since they are still saying it can be treated that way…”

Shawn Armstrong: “Well, in reality, it’s not really a vaccine. A vaccine is to prevent something, these are more of a booster shot to help boost your immune system. And apparently you can still get covid and spread it even after you get the shot….sooooo, does it actually prevent anything????”

Todd Forbes: “So happy to finally see more and more doctors stepping up to debunk the misinformation surrounding vaccines/masks- and whether to be vaccinated is better-
So, what we now know – masks don’t work – they hold the bacteria from your mouth and keep it circulating in your nose where corona (all of them) live. Those that have had Covid should Not get the vaccine! It is far more dangerous for them because both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can equally transmit. The vaccinated can still contract and suffer from Covid – children should not be vaccinated nor should they wear masks!! But MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! There are treatments that can reduce the symptoms and outcomes!!! But the best way to defend is to be healthy!!! Fear is what the government wants!!! You are easily controlled if you live in fear!!!”

Lydia Curran: “I’m vaccinated. Some people in my family are not . You’re not going to change anybody’s mind about masks, no masks, shots, and no shots . People think how they want to think, and you’re not going to change their minds. People have made it political, that’s the problem.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “I hear so many views about this Nightmare. Some say those vaccinated and NOT wearing the mask are the ones who are spreading the new Variants because the vaccine itself is what’s creating the variants! One of my clients believes that until everyone gets vaccinated, it will not get under control. Others say if the restrictions would have stayed in place longer, we would be in a better place right now. Then you have those who just DO NOT believe in the virus nor the vaccine! I believe no one should push us to get vaccinated, but if you choose not to you should use all the precautions necessary to stay safe and keep others safe! The nurse I know said the hospitals are full and NOT ONLY with Unvaccinated patients, but with those Vaccinated who are in critical condition. Yet, everyone hides facts pointing fingers at the ones who choose not to get the Vaccine. It’s everyone’s responsibility to Protect Human Kind, but we choose to believe what makes us more comfortable and less responsible!”

Kelly Narvaez: “Variants are spread by allowing a virus to replicate and mutate. If you are vaccinated and still wore a mask, then your responsibility of transferring or contracting is low. It’s those who are either unvaccinated, don’t wear masks, and those vaccinated and didn’t wear a mask who were the ones transmitting the virus around. Delta is now dangerous to our kids who cannot get vaccinated, so yes, I think people need to take it seriously.”

Richard Beaulieu: “My wife and I are fully vaccinated and are wearing our masks in public. We are encouraging those who are not vaccinated to get the vaccine as it is saving lives.”

LaShawn A Flores: “Please, if you can just stay home, go out only if necessary. Avoid all the crowds and gatherings til, prayerfully, this passes. Truthfully, that’s the safest thing whether you’re vaxxed or not ,both parties can get it. Your life is more valuable than temporary pleasures. You only get one life on this side. Use it wisely.”

Nash Ahmed: “Thank you CDC and the employees who are working ’round the clock, even while trolls are working ’round the clock to spread misinformation on social media. Instead of being thankful, some are pointing fingers and sh**! Unfortunately, that’s the way they spend their lifetime, by blaming everyone and everything else for what happens to them instead of taking personal responsibility and doing something constructive.”

Margie Dickens-Caruso: “Put the mask mandate back in force and follow the 2020 protocol, and we should all be doing a lot better soon. The vaccines are not working well on this variant. I have 4 friends with it. One landed in the hospital and almost died. They are all fully vaccinated. I am going kn95 , hand sanitizer, ordering all my groceries online, homeschooling, and socializing with vaccinated people who wear a mask everywhere and dining only outdoors.”

Debbie Mock: “But according to the science the Delta variant can still be spread among the vaccinated. So getting vaccinated will not “slow the spread”. ”

Gracie Moralez: “I still wear a mask even after having my 2 Moderna vaccines completed in early February. I see a lot of people at WalMart and other department stores who are not wearing a mask and don’t trust those anti-vaxxers!”

Christine-John Yontz: “Just curious, since the Covid-19 test isn’t that reliable (read the data), when and where did we get a test specifically for the “delta” variant. How do you know this??? Just guessing it’s some sort of variant???”

Joy Martin: “Walked out of two restaurants last night. None of the staff or patrons were wearing masks, both places were packed, and both had low ceilings with minimal ventilation. It was disappointing to see the same restaurants that used to take precautions with spacing and cleaning, now throwing caution to the wind.”

Rick Wayland: “Can insects pass the delta variant to humans? If so, then how do we combat this? I’m fully vaccinated from Covid-19, but I have a small pet that isn’t. She stays in, most of the time with me. Do family pets need to be vaccinated? Could this be another way to get the virus? Is it possible it may be another way it’s getting around, just like malaria or others that are highly transmitted.”

Donna Graziano: “We have been doing our part. Tell Biden to do his. Quit letting people from countries all over come here.CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS.”

Ruth Krumm Lehman: “My thing is, what do we believe? One minute we are hearing that vaccinated people have a low risk, then we are hearing even vaccinated people can get Covid and be really sick. It’s all confusing.”

Autumn Wagner Lumpkin: “CDC, I would like to know how you are able to tell people if they have the dreaded delta variant, considering this isn’t a simple test to differentiate between the two variants.”

April McLaughlin Box: “Yet, we just took in a ton of male refugees (no women and children) from Afghanistan. We will house them at military bases and not require a vaxx. But, we want to require the military to vaxx. My brain hurts with the irony.”