The President has been impeached. Minutes after the House impeached President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to say when or whether she would send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. Do you think the articles will be sent to the Senate? Let’s talk about it..

Billie Cline: “Can’t believe this thing is trying to quote scripture while she is doing the devils house work!”

Leslie Uduhiri: “ Big thank you Nancy Pelosi. You are a powerful leader. Thank you so much for returning sanity in America.”

Judy Parsons: “PELOSI makes me sick. She is all smiles now..She wanted Trump out for a long time. She needs to retire and go lay on a beach somewhere. “

Laura Ormonde: “Pelosi needs to get her usual fix! Vodka and Vicodin.”

Diane Stabile: “Again, Trump is it not impeached!! Will not pass Senate! So these democrats can stop celebrating!!!”

Ruth Ann McKinley: “Oh look it’s the wicked witch of DC and her flying monkey. “

Marisol Collazo: “ Glory to the LORD, evil has been impeached!!!”

John Farmer: “ Lol! the dems have no clue how this works. TRUMP 2020”

Sue Armendariz: “ He isn’t going anywhere! The house will never pass this. Trump 2020”

Eileen Barry-Pepe : “ What a total disgrace!!! Hope we say good bye to the lot of you in November”

Margie Pratt: “We the people, elected President TRUMP! We will ELECT HIM AGAIN! TRUMP 2020”

Sandra Hugine: “ People, you’ve got to VOTE and get Mitch and all of them OUT!!!!”

Ricky Harris: “Won’t be a happy day for long as soon it goes to the Senate you will be crying again. and he will be President 4 more years.”

Michelle Johnston: “ Thank you for doing your job. But we know the Senate is corrupt and has made it clear they won’t be honest”

Debbie Reese: “ I believe Nancy Pelosi is drunk. She is definitely slurring her words.”

Genevieve Riley: “Not surprised, waiting to have the senate do unto the Dems! I’m excited, there’s so much dirty laundry with them, I don’t want to miss it! It’s going to be good!”

Teresa Clark: “ Pelosi don’t celebrate to soon you old witch because it’s not over yet ! Once it goes to the Senate your history old lady ! You and your colleagues are all going to be voted out !”

Marilyn DeCrans: “ The House is suppose to prove and do the research, the Senate votes on your proof! Schiff you don’t have a clean slate either!”

Judy Scott: “ This should be and will be decided by we the people! Not the SWAMP!”

Brenda Leib McChristy: “Our great president is Warrior. He’s not no dummy like the last one was. I’m anxious to see what cards he’s got to play. No problems because he plays legit. God has this. No stress.”