In the past, people used to dress their best when going out in public, whether it was a visit to the bank or the grocery store. However, nowadays it has become quite common to see people dressed casually, and sometimes even in pajamas, without putting much effort into their appearance. Do you think this change is a positive thing or do you think we should go back to the way things were? Should the focus be on comfort and individual expression or should it be about us looking our best at all times? Let’s talk about it…

Chris Castillo: “I think comfort is important but not pajama comfort. That’s just lazy. It’s all about how you feel and how you carry yourself. Self confidence!! But presentable. I remember back in the day my grandma was always dressed, no matter what. She loved the color red and always matched, from her earrings to her little heels. Boy have times changed. And those baggy pants or shorts, showing your crack must go..I get so upset when I see that but then remember I’m no one to judge.”

Lynda Lynn: “I wear what I want…even PJs but they gotta be & I’m almost always somewhat made up if I’m out.”

Ralph Tello: “Presentation is important…always has been always will be…”

Delia A. Guajardo: “I have always dressed up going to the store or anywhere else.”

Bernie Cantu: “I think we should go back to the way it was before when people looked their best going out in public. Comfort I is great at home or at a sleepover party lol.”

Henry Rodriguez: “I believe it’s a matter of choice and how it makes us feel. A good example is going to church nowadays. You could dress down the whole week except on Sunday when you wore your best. This pastor that I know who is up in age and dresses to kill all the time. His son however, who is a tremendous preacher and has a very big congregation, dresses very casually even when he preaches. There is a church that encourages people to come as they are. There is a sign outside that says,. perfect people are not allowed. I’m just an observer.”

Robert Salcido: “Just my opinion, but if we worried about more important things besides what someone is wearing, we’d be a far better world. Dress attire and professionalism is so rooted in white patriarchy and supremacy. We’ve been conditioned so much on what’s appropriate and what’s not. It’s all rooted in “how do we fit in and assimilate” to whiteness. Take someone that shows up in a Zoot suit. Supremely dressed but others will stare and judge. We as people of color need to break the chains of whiteness.”

Geronimo Franco: “You can’t please everyone, being yourself as you are at any time matters to no one but yourself, for they are not walking in your shoes every minute of the day…’Solo ,El que carga El morral sabe lo que lleva adentro!!’”

Christine Cardenas: “I say make the effort to look presentable. If I don’t have time to fix my hair. I will smooth it up into a ponytail and dress it up with earrings. Whether I am wearing pants, dress or shorts.”

Alex H. Coy III: “At my age, I only dress my best for weddings, funerals, galas, and loan officers. I stare down my nose at people who go out in public in pajamas and house shoes. Unless you’ve been invited to a party at the Playboy mansion or a sleepover at Bernie Cantu’s (which is the same thing practically) you shouldn’t go out in pajamas or house shoes.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “I think people have gotten lazy. You can still dress casual and look presentable. PJ’s should be behind closed doors. It’s just plain laziness. For example, when I started working for a school district teachers were dressed up and now some look like they are cleaning their house.”

Roy Cruz: “Well some chicks are outta control. They go to Walmart dressed like they’re gonna pole dance.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “Noooooooo, there’s a time for everything and an occasion as well! Some overdo it both ways!”

Gene A. Gomez: “I remember being told to always wear a clean pair of underwear . But I believe you can do both. Dress to impress and be comfortable. Having said that, I’m a T-shirt and jeans kinda guy.”

Frances Casales Potter: “As my dad said clothes do not make you,you make the clothes. Beauty is inside out and shows through your eyes! Amen to that.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “A little bit of both. I will not wear pajamas in public. I always dress nicely. I also never wear sneakers in public unless I’m at the gym or working out. When I was campaigning and now that I’m elected, I don’t leave the house looking like I slept in my clothes and I always wear makeup. Appearance matters. You can be casual and put together.”

Todd Forbes: “I think it’s indicative of the slow erosion of American pride. Apathy is the precursor of depression.”

Fred Potter: “It is just lazy rudeness. I was always taught to dress up as to your surroundings. I always thought that it takes so little time to look presentable and you always get nice compliments when you look good rather than sneers when you are a slob.”

Joy Poth-Aleman: “I think that the number one thing we might do to help our culture grow and weave together to include everyone in our community is to look again. Everyone needs to stop making snap judgments about what we see.”
Javier Zambrano: “I remember when getting your pants thorn or holes in them, meant throwing them away. Now, people pay big money to buy them already thorn and with holes in them!”

Phil Ramirez: “Definitely looking your best at all times, but, socially, there doesn’t seem to be a strife for “Status” anymore. It seems like people of similar thoughts gravitate towards one another. Therefore, people are basically segregating themselves from groups that they don’t feel comfortable in, and this “Division” is causing many problems within the Country right now.”

Michael-Anthony Fernandez: “I think people should stop taking their coffees, lattes, and breakfast sandwiches into church. It’s a church, not a Santikos theater. As for attire, you should look and feel good at the same time. Even when I’m just in jeans (not ripped or torn) a black tee, and matching Adidas, I still try to look presentable. I can’t stand seeing people in pajamas and Crocs out in public.”

El Capitán: “People are lazy nowadays and result in less class. The way you look says a lot about you in my opinion. If you don’t love yourself to care about the way you look around others, hence our society and respect for others nowadays. I say bring it back.”