Considering the current political landscape, it’s crucial to consider what might happen if Trump doesn’t win the 2024 election.What will happen if he wins? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Nick Schön: “I find it strange that there is such a gap between how Trump supporters think America will be perceived if he wins in ‘24, and how the rest of the world will actually perceive America. I mean, to have elected him once…ok, we get it, we all make mistakes…in the UK we had Boris Johnson after all, and that person who came after him for about half an hour and Italy had that idiot Berlusconi, but to see how Trump completely screwed up when he was President (Covid bodies in refrigerated trucks? Really?) after all his stupid puffery, the shame of his trials, the insurrection, his blatant and obvious lying, his vile persona…and then to vote for him AGAIN! I mean, to the rest of the world, it’s really, really, REALLY not a good look. And it wouldn’t be just him who looks stupid of course…it’ll be the voters of the USA. When I was a kid, we all admired America enormously. No other country was so highly regarded. Now, well, get ’24 wrong and frankly the USA will make a crazy banana republic look sane. What’s really worrying though is that many Americans won’t care what we think even if they know we are sniggering, shaking our heads in disbelief, weeping tears of pity etc, etc.”

Kathleen Day: “I can only speak for myself and there are (I sincerely hope!) others who are as terrified as I am that Trump will win. We understand what he has done to the United States and what he plans to do if elected. I know where MY vote is going!”

Dominic Gallagher: “Worse still it completely undermines the credibility of the West and destabilizes global politics. The UN literally laughed at Trump to his face when he made a speech. This gives succor to every petty dictator from Syria to North Korea who think ‘Look at those Americans, they’re not so impressive if they have a complete buffoon like this as their leader!’”

Jeanne Lange: “This situation may blow over with the removal of Trump. But there will never be an end to this situation as long as Putin is alive or some other dictator is around to try to overthrow the American government. Americans must be ever vigilant to protect our democracy and way of life.”

William Moyer: “He shouldn’t be on the ballot.”

Doug Millhoff: “It’s a necessary first step back towards normalcy.”

Dominic Gallagher : “Although the focus from the press and MAGAts on Biden’s age might be annoying, it is all they have and it’s chicken feed compared to Trump’s pledge of a breathtaking act of radicalism that is prompting new concerns about his suitability for the presidency.With his vow to wreak revenge on his opponents using presidential power, Trump is providing every indication that his second term will be even more turbulent and unorthodox than his first. Biden is the safest choice. He may be four years older by the time we reach November, but then trump who is even more radical and unchained than when he left office, will be too.Voters can elect trump, an ex-president who is accused of 91 crimes and has been found guilty in court of defamation, fraud, and rape. He’s still the same 77 year old bloke who made an effort to cling to office after failing to win reelection in 2020; the same scathing bastard who disparaged yet another soldier, whose contempt for those who serve in the military shines brightest. He is the same acerbic man who has sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin over NATO allies. Nevertheless, it’s time to just leave him alone. Trump’s frequent eruptions do indeed demonstrate he is a volatile candidate for the general election. His frequent apoplexies highlight his insecurities that directly contribute to Biden’s assertions that he is way too radical and morally unsound to serve as president again. The time for moving on from Trump is nigh. And November 5th is the deadline.”

David Harvey: “After he cries and eats his McDonald’s french fries in a sad episode of weeping and self pity he will make his false accusations all over again about election fraud and attempt to take it to court again. Once that fails he will cheer up when he realizes he can make more money with another presidential campaign. He’ll get his very stupid yet shrinking numbers of supporters to donate money to him for the cause of saving America. He will of course skim from those donations what he can for himself. Then when he realizes he can’t wait to run another self aggrandizing and profitable presidential campaign he will run for congress. He will continue running for various government positions at the federal level. At some point he will switch to running for governor of Florida or Texas where the last of his insane followers will still be. It will be how he makes money until he dies. If he lives long enough that is.”

Xeres: “If he wins another term the US will not recover for generations. The Republican Party wants to win by any means so they have tethered themselves to this demagogue who only cares about his own interests. The guardrails are down for us. There is no will to govern by consensus. Autocracy looms. It’s unfortunate for the half of the country who know he is unfit for public office and also for our allies who will no longer be able to depend on us for anything.”

Nick Succorso: “I think it is a lot less than half the country. After Jan 6, I still have to believe that far fewer Americans hate their country so much that they will vote for him in the same numbers he received in 2020. The big danger is MAGA election subversion.”

Anne Riley: “It’s a cult and they have lost their ability to reason and be rational. I mean a rational person might like a candidate and want to vote for him, but after looking at the facts might decide not to. An irrational person… Well, that’s a Trump supporter.”

Andy V : “They did vote for him again in 2020, and in almost record numbers…The only presidential candidate who has EVER got more votes than Trump did in 2020 is Joe Biden. Think about it. The USA saw what Trump was like in office and then MORE of them voted for him to have a 2nd term than did for his 1st. Just as in 2016, all it will take for Trump to win is about 150,000 liberals in certain states thinking Biden isn’t liberal enough (as they did for Clinton in 2016) or some other ideologically pure reason and not bothering to vote and the Electoral College goes Trump’s way. Add in various bits of voter suppression and GOP shenanigans and another Trump presidency is a real possibility.”