The market for illicitly manufactured fentanyl continues to change, and it can be found in combination with heroin, counterfeit pills, and cocaine. Fentanyl provides intense, short-term high, tempo-rary feelings of euphoria, slowed respira-tion and reduced blood pressure, nausea, fainting, seizures, and death. Rainbow Fentanyl looks similar to Sweettarts.
Recently, I had a few friends share with me that they lost family members in their 20’s to accidental overdoses. One thought it was a Xanax because he was out of his prescription so his friend got him some as a favor until he could see his doctor. It was Fentanyl. The others were trying something for the first time. It ended up being the last time. All were from very well to do families. They all were enrolled in college. Good kids.
Now there are elementary children dy-ing. Clearly, this can happen to anyone. Do most schools have Narcan on hand? NARCAN Nasal Spray is a prescrip-tion medicine used for the treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose emergency with signs of breathing problems and severe sleepiness or not being able to respond. NARCAN Nasal Spray is to be given right away and does not take the place of emergency medical care. Do you know anyone who has had this terrible drug affect their life? What if anything can be done about this epi-demic? Let’s talk about it..
Satina Mccanse: “The devastating sight of a heart after taking this drug is unbe-lievable!”
Our Hudson Valley Farmhouse: ”Same Government letting this garbage flow over open borders wants to school parents on safety? Yea right.”
Eva Geo : “The fentanyl ingredients are coming from communist China. It’s then made in Mexico, and crosses our border that’s wide open due to the intentional idiocy of the Biden administration. The border was very secure when Donald Trump was president because of his “Stay in Mexico” policy, his putting a stop to catch-and-release and his work to build the wall. Chucks, with a secure border, there would be no fentanyl killing our youth. The root causes of our problems are destructive liberal policies.”
Alexa Hefner: “Knowledge is power!”
Katelynn Pylant: “Another major col-lege up here just had an outbreak of fentanyl poisoning on campus…so sad.”
Michele Bradford Ornelas:
“It’s getting scary.”
Franklin Del Rosario:
“Thank the democrats for leaving the border wide open!”
Mary Gilligan-DeRosa:
“This is so evil, what’s happening. Prayers for the adults and children.”
John Hatfield:
“Joe Biden and All Democrats are al-lowing China to bring these drugs into America.”
David McRoberts:
“A foreign nation is murdering millions of Americans every year. For many years. Fentanyl”
Joyce Rice Loveless:
“Covid didn’t kill enough people so Biden let in all these drugs to take out a lot more. He knows about all the drugs com-ing over the border and is doing nothing.”
Brian Tregoning:
“It’s a simple fix: shut the border down. Do an inspection on every vehicle. Put the military along the rest of the board and capture border jumpers. This is an invasion of our country perpetrated by democrats; traitors of the US.”
Laila Zada:
“Think people who’s fault is it that our children are dying?”

Darian Dryden:
“Thank you for sharing. This has to be talked about more. I don’t really see much on the news. I’m happy to see this post but so sad it is out here taking over and killing people.”
Brandon Davenport:
“They are selling it to adults not kids.”
Jessica Rene:
“The government and police help the problem on purpose. Not all but we no money runs and rules all.”
Dee Harris Wise:
“#FentanylJoe doesn’t care about YOU! ##FentanylJoe wants the drugs in Amer-ica. Another reason to vote RED!”
Jason Weber:
“Pharmaceutical companies in pain management doctors are a much bigger threat. They’re the ones that actually get people hooked to begin with, along with personal bad decisions. A lot of people did not realize those things are so addic-tive but now everybody should know.”
Richard Clark:
“Difference between fentanyl and other drugs is fentanyl was introduced to kill Americans, It has nothing to do with money. That’s why they hide it in other drugs and give it away for free. It’s not a drug. It’s a weapon.”
Mimi Kins: “The problem is the smug-gling that is going on and the fact that we don’t have the manpower to keep up with border control. The numbers and information here is just staggering!All those who didn’t think border control was important enough and supported our President who stopped the work and progress that was made and being made, well now we’re seeing the results! The drugs are being illegally smuggled into our country and are also being made in different ways to avoid being caught. It’s sickening how this HUGE problem literally took such a back seat to Covid. See how differently you feel about our borders in California.”