This week, there was another horrific tragedy involving migrants trying to find a better life in the United States. Fifty are confirmed dead after the abandoned trailer was found, 4 innocent children included. Someone sent in a very powerful article I would like to share. I have translated the piece that was shared very eloquently in Spanish.

By M.A. González
Some time ago I had to stop listening to the daily news. However, there are facts that transcend beyond everything. And no matter how hard one tries to keep deaf ears, resound in the mind, and strike the soul, with a fury indescribable. And after hearing the news of (one more) of those transports of undocumented individuals, who came on the chariot of hope to the coffin of a horrifying death . The question arises, why? But the question is not why someone decided to pay exorbitant amounts, which In most cases represents all of the assets, not only of the traveler, but almost always from the whole family that puts everything they have, hoping to allow one loved one to migrate. Migrating in search of better conditions, it is human nature. From those who crossed the frozen tundra in the beginnings of human history to those who, despite the supposed comforts, which can be had in this same country, move from California to Texas, or from Texas to Florida or just from one neighborhood to another. There are those who create businesses and take advantage of any opportunity that supply and demand meet. Human beings have done that from the beginning of time and very likely it will continue to do so until the very end of humanity.The question is not why someone decided to make this trip accompanied by their children in search for better conditions. The need is not only for the individual, but hope of a better future for their loved ones. They saw the famous cages where children who were separated from their parents waiting during the legal process of detainees in undocumented immigration and they knew were likely to face that possibility. The question that torments me at this moment is why, after a while, sadly a very short while, we will forget them.

Do you agree? Let’s talk about it..

Frances Potter: “It’s sad! Someone is making money from all those they brought in, they have no heart, only blood on their hands !!!”

JoAnn Campos: “Too sad, all they wanted was a better life but people prey on desperate situations. Prayers for them.”

Andy Squire: “This is purely at the feet of congress. Our immigration system has been in shambles for decades and needs to be scrapped and rewritten. Both the left and the right are at fault. Not everyone who wants to immigrate is a criminal. Conversely, not all that come are saints. I know several people who have immigrated legally and illegally. Those who came legally were convoluted, a long process and expensive. Those that entered illegally: it was an arduous journey where life and limb were on the line. Neither should be that way. Rewrite the damn laws and stop blaming each other.”

Steve Casias: “Biden and Harris are disgusting human beings.”

Joseph M. Monks: “Ban semis. Start with the ones from Mexico. See how many more mass deaths we have once that’s taken care of before moving forward.”
Filo Beddoe: “Instead of sending trillions of dollars to other countries,we should have been helping our neighbors first. We aren’t enticing them to come, their country is failing them to make them leave.”

Dan Emory: “Add another 50 to the THOUSANDS dead from the immigration policies of the Biden Administration.”

Danny Martinez: “Money is more important than life! People take advantage of the innocent.”

Antelia Estrada: “My biggest question here is how did these immigrants get through the checkpoint in Falfurrias?!! Fifty human beings not caught at the checkpoint??? But they find packages of drugs in gas tanks among other things. Why isn’t there an investigation on the checkpoints not doing their job correctly?! Billions of taxes go to support these checkpoints and they let through all of these people to die?!! This is all a strategy.”

Doll Garcia: “How can they do that to those poor people? So sad.”

Van Steel: “The monsters responsible for this consider these victims to be inventory and not actual human beings.”

Jamie Hs: “So sad, this is such a horrible and cruel way to die. I hope the folks who did this rot in jail for the rest of their lives.”

David Taylor: “I find it interesting that the Mexican president knows so much about people inside the truck. How would he know? Things that make you go hmmm?”

MarkandWendy Winans: “This is so horrible! So many souls lost in such a needless way. It’s so wrong on so many levels, my heart breaks for the lives of those trapped inside.”

Sandra Curry: “Trump is not a person to just leave our border wall that was almost completely done—undone. He let them have their way for a reason. Maybe there’s more to this. What does that say for Biden and trafficking? “Careful what you wish for” type situation. Time will tell.”

Michael A Donnelly: “Biden should hire the Cartel to work in the White House! They are clearly smarter than anyone he has working for him now.”

Aron Mihut: “I can’t imagine how painful and slow their death was. Absolutely horrific to die in that heat with no water or air. May God give comfort to the families and may God give them peace and rest from all that travail and sorrow.”

Anne May: “A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal History search shows Zamorano (the driver) has arrests dating back to 1995. His convictions range from misdemeanor marijuana charges to felony charges of burglary of a habitation and reckless injury to an elderly person, KSAT news reports. This is what waltzes through our OPEN borders.”