Interview by Roy Aguillon
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Raul Ramos, brother of film director Danny Ramos and former youth football coach of 30 years, would not be yet another Covid-19 statistic from the Westside of San Antonio. After being sent home from his initial medical visits with little to nothing due to the fact that facilities had no oxygen tanks to give for those who were in need at the expense of this pandemic, Ramos was at a loss.
Without any other options and despite concerns of neighbors with mounting distrust of the capabilities of hospitals, he and his wife Yolanda Ramos, who also tested positive for Covid, set out to Houston after a suggestion from his daughter to attend HCA Houston Healthcare Hospital. With his wife at the helm, and Ramos in tow in the back seat, both were unaware if he would survive the tumultuous journey.
Once reaching the end of their voyage and finally being admitted to the facility, Ramos’ health continued to deteriorate. In a hospital bed with an IV and oxygen mask, survival seemed dismal, even though his nurses and doctors took great care. Suddenly, in an almost dreamstate, Ramos began to see strangers entering and exiting his room. Slowly, he began to realize who they were as he would greet them. As the nurse walked in, she tried to wake him, telling him he was dreaming, but he knew he was awake…knew what, or rather who, he was seeing. He was seeing Covid-19 victims from all over the world walking through his room, and they were his heroes for trying to survive as best they could. He told them all he would keep fighting for them; he would not let go.
Later that day, Ramos’ doctor offered an alternative option, a plasma infusion using antibodies from recovered Covid-19 patients, Convalescent Plasma, which was a Hail Mary for Raul Ramos. With the strength of those who endured this struggle before him, he was able to rise from the ashes of the fallen like a phoenix. Now, spreading awareness in regards to Convalescent Plasma is his mission.
Convalescent Plasma saved one man’s life. Imagine how many lives you could save today if you are a Covid Survivor willing to donate your plasma.