The Museo del Westside, and the Esperanza Peace and Justice Community Archives are sponsoring a series of three workshops to share knowledge that will support the community in learning the basics of preserving family and community history.
In the “Historias Familiares” workshop, you are welcome to join Donna Guerra, a professional certified archivist and a Co-Curator with the Museo del Westside. She will share practical suggestions for taking care of our family historical materials, even in conditions that are not ideal, in our humid climate with plenty of critters! She will also present budget-conscious ideas for protective storage for: different types of photographs; paper documents; digital files; leather items; clothing; and old family films.
Most importantly, we want YOU to be part of the conversation. Those who register to participate by Zoom are eligible to “show and tell” (3 minutes) about an item, and get advice about how to best care for it. We will likely only have time for a few participants, so please have your item ready. In addition to Zoom, the workshop will be viewable on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Would you like to become a westside
focused “community archivist?” Attend our three upcoming workshops and let us know if you want to know about our follow-up community archivist training!
The next two workshops will be “Recuerdos y Memorias: Telling our Family Stories,” on gathering oral history, on April 10, 2021 at 11am CST with Museo Co-Curator Laura Hernandez-Ehrisman, followed by “Finding Your Mexican Ancestors: A Genealogy Workshop,” on May 8, 2021 at 11am CST with Donna Guerra.
The Museo del Westside and the Esperanza Peace and Justice Community Archives are community-driven and dedicated to preserving, documenting, and presenting the unique history, heritage, culture, pride, work ethic, and diverse experiences of la gente del westside, to increase understanding by building and strengthening knowledge of the historic westside for a more vibrant future for our community. The Historic Westside Neighborhood Association and the Westside Preservation Alliance are also proudly co-sponsoring these workshops. If you wish to join us in our cultural heritage work or have any questions, please contact us at or call 210.228.0201 and 210.454.7292.