Executive order has been signed saying businesses have the right to implement the health and safety policy which best fits their needs. While they are not given a specific recommendation, businesses are required to post clear notices for employees, customers and visitors to see, including any policy when it comes to wearing a face mask. Employees at local grocery stores have shown concern for their safety. What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

W Alexander Paz: “The same people who want you to wear masks, cannot speak intelligently on the efficacy of them or what purpose they actually serve other than showing compliance to authorities with no actual truth.”

Analisa Reichard: “Love San Antonio, Texas. Strong facemask on.”

Jorge Muh T Nis: “If masks work so well why are people still getting covid?”

Sam Kloster: “City has to follow the state mandate.”

David Garcia: “And keep staying home on your days off still folks.”

Carol Taylor Tisdale: “I absolutely appreciate our Governor giving us the opportunity to decide for ourselves. No matter whether as an individual or a business. We all get to choose.”

Linda Blend: “Abbott is the worst governor ever! He could care less about the people of his state. He got the vaccine, so now it is to hell with everyone else.”

Janie Villarreal: “I think Abbott was giving people the choice to continue doing the right thing or not, unfortunately we have too many people that care less for the health of others so he should’ve opened at 100% but left the mask mandate until more people got vaccinated.”

Grissel Luna: “He’s careless to his people. Wait for the increase of new cases. We’re not completely done with this covid-19.”

Marty Stambaugh: “Not a good move being that not everyone has gotten vaccinated! This could’ve waited until the end of April at least! Health is more important than money!! Stay safe.”

Garrett W Mercer: “If you need the government to tell you that you must comply with a mask mandate or an order you are the problem with society today.What happened to people taking personal responsibility for themselves and their actions. Stop depending on the government to hold your hand in life. I will continue to wear my mask if a business requires me to do so. I just don’t need a Mayor or a governor to tell me that I have too.”

Lori Guardado:”He has no respect for life. He looks after his interest and that’s about all. Texas is screwed as long as Republicans run this state.”

Jmnz Ashly: ” The same guy recorded questioning his decision to open Texas previously..yeah I am totally confident in his decisions.”

Mimi Harshman: “I fail to see the problem with wearing a mask. It benefits every last one of us.”

Priscilla Cruz: “I don’t know why this is funny when lives like elderly and babies who can’t wear a mask are at risk. A woman lost her baby who was still in the womb to Covid.”

Tracie Sh: “I’ve never seen so many people cry and complain about having to wear a mask when you’re in the store for about 10 minutes. I’d rather wear a mask for 10 minutes than have covid possibly put me in the hospital for 2 months. Then again, I have no issues following the rules of an establishment that I don’t own.”

Tyler Green: “The intention is great, but not practical. Can I see a show of hands of those willing to wear a mask their whole life? If not, what will it take to make you comfortable enough to quit wearing it?”

Vicki Kuhn: “I have been vaccinated but will wear one in HEB by choice to make others feel safer. But glad it is a choice.”

Manda Hein: “Majority of HEB employees I see have their mask below their nose. They also touch my maskless groceries with their bare hands and then fiddle with their mask on their face. Pretty sure most of them aren’t too concerned.”

Ashli Troeh Goodspeed: “The employees can still wear their masks and bam they’re protected. I don’t get what all the concern is about. They will still have their plexiglass up at the checkouts. And honestly I don’t think you get Covid walking around a store anyway. Close contact means being around someone exposed for at least 15 minutes. I’ve never seen anyone stand next to someone in a grocery store for 15 minutes. If you have to stand for 15 minutes looking at what cheese to buy, then you have other problems. You are not going to get covid just walking around passing people in the store.”

James Solis: “It’s simple. The business has a right to refuse services. If you don’t wear a mask and they ask you to wear a mask, comply and be cordial, don’t take it out on the employee. Just go to an establishment that doesn’t require a face mask.”
John Preslar: “Stop with the fear mongering. Let people decide what is right for themselves.”

Danny Hales: “I’m fine with that!! Keep people from sneezing on food! And I’m not a constant mask wearer! But it makes sense. People just follow common sense”

Solana Sheri: “If fear rules us, the mask will stay even though it didn’t stop the spread. Two of my adult children were forced to wear the mask at work and still got sick. It’s survivable, better odds then the vaccine.”
Kristen Panichello: “If a person is worried about the mask mandate being lifted after a year, there’s a problem there. It’s been a year and if people are still getting covid with a mask they’re not doing very much as far as protection is concerned. Let’s get back to a normal life.”

Diane Patricia Karohl: “The mandate should never have been lifted. This just happened because Abbott needed something to distract us from his failures a few weeks ago……and all last year.”

Michael Luthander: “Wanna wear a mask, then wear one; you have the option. People are not upset that someone is not wearing a mask, they are upset that someone is not obeying! That’s it and it’s stupid.”

Sandra Santoya: “HEB has the right to set their mask requirements but I find it funny since they no longer protect their customers by wiping down surfaces that customers touch. No cashier that has checked me out in several months have wiped surfaces between customers. And who’s to say that that customer didn’t cover a sneeze prior to walking in and touching stuff.”