Football is Back

Football fans rejoice as our heroes on the gridiron are back. This weekend is when we finally get to see how our favorite teams’ new draft picks, big name trades, and superstar free agent signings fair with their new teams. The Philadelphia Eagles look to maintain their status as champions with another run at the Lombardi Trophy. The Dallas Cowboys look to overcome Dak Prescott’s sophomore slump with a full season of Ezekiel Elliott running the ball. This season head coach Jason Garrett needs to prove himself with a trip to the NFC Championship if he wants to keep his job any longer. The Vikings have put a lot of faith in new quarterback Kirk Cousins. Will he work, or will he be their downfall? Aaron Rodgers is back and badder than ever with a healed collar bone. With the addition of tight end Jimmy Graham, he finally has target with not just the speed but the size. And with a new defensive coordinator at the helm with Mike Pettine, the Packers’ defense has immensely improved with a young and hungry secondary.

The Lombardi has a very good chance at coming home to Titletown U.S.A once again. This year’s rookies Baker Mayfield of the Browns, Saquon Barkley of the Giants, and San Darnold of the Jets will have a lot to prove as most of the rookie hype is revolving around these guys. Can Darnold earn the starting spot over Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCowan? Can Mayfield prove he’s not another name to the list of failed quarterbacks in the most cursed position on the Browns? Can Barkley stay healthy behind veteran quarterback Eli Manning? The Giants haven’t had a running back like Barkley since Tiki Barber. It might take more than signing Richard Sherman to fix San Francisco’s defense. Tom Brady is going to miss his favorite target Julian Edelman as Edelman is out for the first five games of the season with a PED suspension. The Patriots look to remain atop the AFC but teams like the Steelers, Chiefs, and yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars look to end their reign. Can Dez Bryant get on a team? With Dez still scrambling to join a team with an outrageous asking price, he might just have to lose his ego and settle for whatever a team can offer him. There are many questions heading into the preseason. Some will be answered in the preseason, some in the regular season. This season fans of all teams should be excited as teams are starting to show their identity heading into the preseason, and with one of the best rookie classes the league has seen in a while. This year’s rookie of the year race can be anyone. Good luck to your teams, and may the odds be in your favor.


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