The Jan. 6 committee has referred former President Trump for criminal prosecution, including acting to incite, assist or aid or comfort an insurrection. Four Republican House members have also been referred to the House Ethics Committee for failing to comply with subpoenas. Some believe nothing will come of this? What do you think? Is justice finally being served or is this a witch hunt?
Let’s talk about it…

Thomas Mc: “Lol Ethics in Washington? Nothing will happen and Americans don’t care about facts or evidence they just care about how it makes their beliefs feel. In short, we are truly on the other side of our decline.”

Todd Forbes: “Witch hunt! They are obsessed with Trump! Ask yourself-why? Could it be that he threatens to expose them? Or that he can’t be bought? Or controlled? That he might get others to see the swamp for what it is? If he wasn’t, then they wouldn’t care!”

James Johnson: “Just like always, no proof of any wrongdoing by Trump.”


Lori AV: “Donald Trump gave a voice to the ugliest part of our society and instead of condemning his actions, the Republican Party embraced it all. The chaos and disarray you’re witnessing is what the Republican Party chose for themselves.”

Greg Dunn: “DOJ won’t take this to trial. Too much comes out in open court, and an agency can’t plead the fifth.”

Bob Eidukot: “What about criminal charges against the Dems for all these witch hunts?”

Steven Beall: “The referrals are unconstitutional. Article 1 specifically limits the power of Congress through legislative actions only. The referrals are not a legislative action by naming President Trump and other individual(s) and referring them to the Justice Department. It’s not legislative and it tramples on the authority of the executive branch. I would not be surprised to see an emergency court order to stop them. Pelosi knows this, but damn the constitution. Orange man is a danger to the Democratic Party, and she can’t have President Trump, who is very popular in the Republican Party, become the next President. This is why the Democratic Party is neo-Marxist Fascist. They know it’s unconstitutional but do it anyway. Damn the constitution.”

Tom Kevlock: “I highly doubt the DOJ is corrupt enough to pursue these ridiculous charges. If they are… it’s over. We’re done. It’ll be time to cast off the government.”

Diane Mundell: “Let’s see the tax returns for every member in Congress and Senate for them right now if you want to see Trump’s tax returns we the people want to see everybody else’s.”

Beth Brockhoff: “One sided, sham show continues.”

Earl Edwards: “Yup, they had to rush this, since the committee is going to dissolve after January. I welcome a trial, as it will at least allow for a fair rebuttal. As for the rest, it is only to distract the libtards from the real problems in this country.”

Drew Beaman: “Brought to you by; Distraction, Division, Propaganda, Misinformation, With Lies and Corruption.”

Rob Ford: “The government seems to live in a world of make believe. If they had anything, they would have already had him, after years of trying to get him on something. At this point, they are trying to make up charges, like they do everyday against people who they don’t agree with, or they feel is a threat to the ones who are really in charge.”

Kevin McAllister: “Good. He’ll get a real trial now.”

David Gerald Evans: “I’m pretty sure everyone knew this over a year ago, the committee hearing was meaningless, and still is. All a propaganda show to deflect from all the other crises going on. This will be proven if he is not charged.”

Marie Simpson: “LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!”

Bobbie Billy: “Donald Trump Exposed the Corruption going on in the Congress & Senate! That’s why they’re Scared of Trump! Drain the Swamp! Trump 2024!”

Michael Bub: “This is the best thing that could happen. I can’t wait to see President Trump get his day in Court to expose every one of these dirty crooks. Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schiff, all of them. Everything coming out from Twitter; get the popcorn ready.”

Christopher Alan: “This witch hunt is hilarious. Trump is exposing how corrupt and desperate the democrats are.”

Tandy Laster: “Biden’s entire family is as corrupt as it comes. BIDEN IN HANDCUFFS and stop the witch hunt on Trump. Just another political game.”

Eric Turner: “Run again, lose again!”


Edwald Garcia: “Mr.Tiny sausage fingers is going to jail this time, and there’s nothing any of you brainwashed members of the orange liars cult can do about it. Delicious!”

Ron Floyd: “Trump for prison 2024, let’s Make America Great Again.”

Kristina Williams-Horner: “If We do not hold him and others accountable for their horrible crimes against our country, against our Democracy, against our constitution, against all that we stand for as the United States of America, it will happen again!!”