Trump just announced a Class action Lawsuit against Big Tech companies ( Facebook, Twitter) for infringing Americans the rights to the 1st amendment . Is it infringing on American rights not to allow statements to be made that are against their company policies? Let’s talk about it..

Lonnie Bradley: “I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and I can say that republican voices are constantly being banned or having posts deleted, and I have not had one democratic friend get banned. The larger issue as I see it isn’t necessarily the standard, although I disagree with any inhibitions of free speech, but the way it is being used to target specific ideas.”

Sharon Hannah Gadsby: ”Thank you! Someone needs to stop them. This is America’s freedom of speech!”

Doan Hgyun: “Ok, so churches and others have the right not to serve certain people because they are a private organization and they are allowed to proceed with their own agenda. Some companies are also allowed not to pay for birth control because again they are a private entity. So now we’re saying private companies like FB, Twitter, etc can’t ban certain individuals who act like donkeys and break their rules? Picking and choosing what we want to allow or not allow?”

Tom Demonte: “If Democrats, Republicans, and all Americans allow one American to be silenced – we concede to all of us being silenced. It may be Trump and a few republicans today but it will be you or someone you like tomorrow. If we stand for anything together, it should be freedom of speech. If we don’t like what someone is saying, we have the freedom to not listen. But to have that freedom decided for you is a loss for all Americans. What will the media decide you’re allowed to listen to in the future? What if the opposing political side was in control next and controlled what you are allowed to hear? Something to think about.”

Henry Shamdus: “Private companies can have policies if you use their platform. They aren’t stopping his 1st amendment right. He can go to other platforms, rallies or interviews and say anything he wants to daily or minute by minute. His rights aren’t being infringed on.”

RW Odia: “Good idea but too late. He was all for the social media giants when they worked in his favor. And now this.. you could have made an executive order last year Don.”

Leon Atwell:”It’s sad he was president and has no clue how the constitution works.”

Maria Madrigas: “Either speech is free or it is not. All compromise with a political agenda served is eroding our freedom of speech. On so many platforms, we are becoming not only masked, but muzzled! It is my opinion if said “policy” is to protect #LIFE or #LIMB then that is constitutional. However, perilously, the #TRUTH be told the real platform for #LIFE the
#ABOLISHABORTION right to free speech is one of the most muzzled and persecuted victims of suppression of amendment right to #FREESPEECH; PROTECT IT OR LOSE IT…”

Tenna Fox: “Trump has threatened to sue several media outlets and individuals over the years for words that slighted the ‘businessman,’ plus several other cases involving the mass media or media issues. He’s followed through on lawsuits against a much smaller number of outlets and individuals including Miss Pennsylvania, Bill Maher and author Tim O’Brien. He has won only one case over defamation, and the ultimate disposition of that case is in dispute”

Desi Escobedo: “Good job, President Trump. Thank you and Godspeed”

Mike Bates: “Sue. Sue. Sue. Trump, Oct 2016: “Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign, total fabrication. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over;”
Still waiting!”

Cindy Carillo: “This is not an attack on conservatives but on a very dangerous man who for some unknown reason people listen to and then try to take over the capital. His inaction on Covid early on led to thousands of deaths. That’s why he gets cut off. “

Angela Wilson: “The grounds for this lawsuit are that “he has been wrongly censored by the companies in violation of his First Amendment rights”. These companies are not government entities, it will be laughed out of court. He’s obviously grifting for money, he and his lawyers need to be reprimanded for wasting the court’s time and taxpayer’s money with frivolous lawsuits.”

Matt Smith:“The guy just likes losing in court. He absolutely loves it. And now that he doesn’t have his election fraud cases to lose anymore, he needs something else. This will do nicely.”

Thomas Mc: “Presidential loser and perennial attention seeker throws fit for violating rules he agreed to. Yeah lol good luck with that one. Their right to decide what goes against their standards is already protected. Basically, the loser of the last election is trying to remain relevant. Furthermore, nearly every corporate job and government job has community standards and many regulate what you can and can’t say on social media.”

Wren Halstead: “ If it’s truly a class action, as denominated, there would be no fees. The lawyers would be doing it on contingency, with Trump responsible only for expenses. And, he’ll raise far more from his sucker base than he’ll ever spend on expenses. So, this is really a combination of PR stunt and fund-raising for Donald Trump. A very clever scam, I have to admit.”