Gentrification is the process of renovating and improving an area so that it conforms to middle-class taste. This has been happening in San Antonio starting with King Williams, Southtown, and So-Flo areas. These are great improvements but unfortunately, at a cost to existing residents that have lived in these areas for generations. Taxes are increasing rapidly. The Westside and Eastside Corridors seem to be the next in line for the next areas of gentrification. Do you have any concerns regarding gentrification and/or displacement of neighborhood residents due to new businesses and new housing developments moving into these areas? Let’s talk about it….

Alice Herrera :
“So true!! Too many people do not understand the economics or the repercussions of gentrification. It’s good for the people who have the financial means to “gentrify” but negatively impacts the citizens who are on a fixed income. Home values swing up which increases property taxes.”
AR Sifuentes:
“ That’s what happens when you vote for the wrong people! Don’t vote for the wrong people and we won’t have that problem.”

LeAnn M Dinsdale:
“People who have lived in the neighborhood for generations should have tax exemptions.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr. :
“No problems with gentrification at all. No matter what the cost. There are so many areas added to the city to enjoy. We spend more time downtown enjoying what the city has to offer more than any other time. Living outside the city 35 minutes and traveling into downtown on weeknights to have dates is not a problem. 10 yrs ago we would not have bothered. Having my business in this area for the last 24 years, I have seen this change. I’ve enjoyed watching the change and enjoy what the area has to offer.”

Javier Antonio Guzman: “The need to cap the property taxes at the purchase price of the home, after a sale than they can undergo revaluation on the property. The tax rate is not the problem its valuation of the home. We have to pay more attention to the county commissioner elections, those guys sit on that panel unending.”