By  Gisela Girard

During the Citys Celebrate San Antonio Seniors Month this September, San  Antonios largest local senior health care provider, Gonzaba Medical Group announces a strategic partnership with  Senior Planet San Antonio to provide San Antonio senior citizens with the skills needed to stay connected in a  digitally driven era. Gonzaba Medical Group has purchased 40 new Chromebooks that will be loaned to senior  citizens for multi-week digital literacy courses, offered free of cost to seniors who sign up through Gonzaba  Medical Group.

The pandemic has been challenging for all of us. Can you imagine what its been like for our senior population,  many of whom may not be technologically savvy—not being able to access zoom or skype to visit with your family,  and not being able to keep up with friends on social media,” said Dr. Bill Gonzaba, Gonzaba Medical Group founder  and CEO. We want to empower our seniors—give them the tools and skills necessary to live their best lives, even  amid a pandemic.”

In collaboration with Senior Planet, an organization dedicated to enabling older adults and people of all ages to  come together and find ways to learn, work, create and thrive in the digital age, Gonzaba Medical Group and  Senior Planet are offering a five-week bi-lingual course to anyone 65 years of age or older. The courses are on a  first come first served basis. The first session will begin September 28, with subsequent sessions following and  registration is now open.

The course, titled Internet Technology Class (Start-Up/Basics), features a mix of lecture style sessions and hands-on  workshops to help seniors become comfortable and confident when using technology. Throughout the course,  seniors will learn about important internet safety tips and basic digital functions to include finding information  online; accessing the internet; utilizing cloud storage; online shopping; and how to protect personal information.

We are so excited to be partnering with Gonzaba Medical Group! At Senior Planet San Antonio, we specialize in  offering online technology courses, but these can only be effective if there is a way to give participants access to  the technological devices needed for the training. Gonzaba Medical Groups generous offer to purchase these Chromebooks and host the courses will make such a difference for older San Antonians,” said DeAnne C. Cuellar,  state director of Senior Planet San Antonio.

These digital literacy courses really go a long way for seniors. They didnt grow up with computers, tablets, smart  phones, and this is a great way to get caught up and quickly. I am really excited to see the progress well all make  in just five short weeks,” said Ezequiel Tijerina, Senior Planet outreach coordinator and trainer, as well as the  instructor for the upcoming courses.

To register yourself or a loved one for an upcoming session of this free technology course, please contact Gonzaba  Medical Group at (210) 460-6253.